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    Bob Dylan, his songs always seem to sound better when someone else sings them
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    This ticks all the boxes...
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    For trade (or sale), Alleva Coppolo LM4 Deluxe, natural. Pure Marcus Miller sound. Searching for 5 string bass (Alleva, Sadowsky, Mtd, Fodera, Smith, Lakland).
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    That poor piece of wood looks terrified. S.P.
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    Guns n Roses Use your Illusions 1 and 2 Its all the Honky Tonk Piano Axl added. It has really dated those albums. Also Metallica justice for all that guitar sound with no bass, a lot of bands came after copying that awful caterwauling whiny guitar sound, just pitiful.
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    Been there. Wandered into Sound Control Preston years ago whilst visiting a girlfriend, because I was bored and had nothing better to do. Ended up buying a Spector Reboot DLX - a truly stunning bass. It was so good I then sold my Status Stealth I 6 string.
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    Not anything to do with the thread at all, but just a bit of info' - the 80's JBS (PJ-555) actually had a jazz neck. However the one that Duff McKagan ended up with as his career exploded interestingly had a Precision profile neck. It was this bass that lent it's specifications to the currently available MiM Duff McKagan Jazz Bass Special. I agree that this is way more of a Precision Bass Special.. or, you know.. a standard PJ without a pick guard lol...
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    Is this young lady talented. Dear cliff ! She's so petite, that 5 banger Ray looks bigger than she is, but it makes no difference. She knows her way round the fretboard, and with great timing. I'd love some of the talent she has. Hope she's in a band. She would be utterly wasted if she was just a bedroom player
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    DECIDED TO PULL THIS OFF SALE. THANKS FOR ANY INTEREST SHOWN Ok, here is my homebuilt p bass. The licensed neck has 'the logo'. I bought as is, didn't add it, its under the lacquer but its a pattern neck not an original. (original maker stamp on heel). No inference of being original. rosewood board, no skunk stripe , p bass width. (If this is an issue I have an unlabelled neck I can swap out similar quality) Very nice sunburst body, not 100% perfect but looks great. Gotoh bridge. nuff said. Dimarzio dp122 pickups which are imho the best p bass pickups all round, great tone and monstrously good output. CTS post and cloth wiring. Sounds awesome, good weight. questions, etc get back to me..
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    For those of you like myself that like German instruments, i found ebay kleinanzeigen to be fertile hunting ground for Warwicks, Sandbergs and other boutique instruments such as Human Base for example. Technically its a classified ads page but if you ask a lot of sellers are more than willing to ship. Prices are very competitive.
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    One of mine did the same and yes, I drilled out the middle and slid a rivet post through the middle. A quick fix to get me through as I think these are really good for the money.
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    Also a good move to put the least photogenic member of the band out of camera shot. Give Andy my regards when you see him, we go way back.
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    Clover leaves all the way
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    That's a nightmare @Jimothey Afraid I can't offer much bar my sympathy. I sanded the satin off then used a Dulux gloss, that worked fine. Well worked fine until I moved on to the next stage of the finish. Details of that debacle hopefully wont be published until long after my death 😉
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    That’s the same as my old head. Best amp I’ve ever used, unless my memory deceives me.
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    I think the RCF HD32-A is at that size/price point too from memory. That's what I'd have gone for if the K10.2 wasn't so tiny, although i am getting sick of explaining to people where my amp is.
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    Trace was always “my” tone, back in the day. Years after getting rid of my Trace gear due to back problems, I went through pretty much every amp in The Gallery trying to find something I liked. The last thing I plugged into was a Trace combo and there it was. Sadly my back was even worse by then so I couldn’t buy it. I keep thinking if I come across one of the original 11 band Trace AH150s (like my old one) in decent working order I’ll buy it, as much as I like my Tech 21 VT500. Unfortunately the matching early un-ported painted-wood-only 200w 4x10 - easily the best cab I’ve ever used - is out of the question. They recently had a slightly later centre-ported red stripe version at a local cash converters for £45, but the missus kept reminding me of my back issues and wouldn’t let me buy it.
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    Making Movies is my all time favorite album. Music? Subjective?
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    I used the 1x15 version for years and it never let me down. More than loud enough to keep up with a loud drummer.
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    Just added a batch of 30 new bass transcriptions to my website. Now 575 bass charts on there - and all free - so reading bass players, help yourselves with my compliments (and please share!) The recent surge is as a result of my own prep for various gigs (Motown, Frankie Valli, Robbie Williams etc) and customers who have taken advantage of my half price offer - if they allow me to publish the transcription I've done for them on the site. It seems everyone is happy to save themselves a few quid and help out their fellow bass players! There has been a slight price increase for the transcriptions made-to-order which had been frozen at the introductory level for three years. However, the price is now inclusive of currency conversion charges and other PayPal fees. The main library of 575 bass transcriptions, remains completely and utterly free though, of course. Tom Read Bass
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    I think its time we had a thread for sharing manta presets...
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    Way far better than the original, indeed.
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    That really looks the biz
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    Well... when a Fender sets you back close to 1.5k and doesn't have half the QC, Fit&Finish and attention to detail i can't say that Musicman is an expensive brand. They're absolutely flawless basses. well worth the 2k price tag in comparisson with the competition. It's still too rich for my pocket though.
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    I have been watching the latest build with interest, a true craftsman :-) My current bass weighs in at 12lb so hopefully I can get something lighter in the future without having to shell out on custom, for now I sit down a lot 😄
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    Had a proper brand new, bought from a shop sort of NBD. It's a short scale Gretsch Junior Jet II in black. For the price these are stunning instruments, in fact I literally did say "wow" when I first sat down to play it. That certainly has never happened before. 😎
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    Love the Six Nations and I agree it's time Georgia were given a chance. TBH I'd like to see it expanded to 8 nations , to include Romania. It's the stuffed shirts on the 6 nations committee that keep blocking the addition of new countries. The Six Nations is a bit like those snooty golf clubs that still won''t allow women in. Time to get rid of the old [email protected] on the Six Nations executive. They'd probably argue that the likes of Georgia won't pull in the viewers. If they play as well as they did in the 2015 world cup they would. Ha, the mods might think we're digressing from bass chat!
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    What about playing bass while pole dancing.👍
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    As far as I can ascertain, EGC operate as an independent builder, but also produce Travis Bean guitars (and an interpretation of the TB2000) now as well. I'm not sure how the Travis Bean licensing works. The EGC, Travis Bean and Kramer headstocks are all different.
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    I always thought that one was over-rated compared to the 5000 Spirits / Layers of the Onion. It's always the one that gets cited as 'the classic' though. I'd take Little Cloud over a Very Cellular Song any day. I play 5000 spirits fairly often for someone who is largely into electronic music. I was about 1 when it was released as well so definitely not my era.
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    Yep, and I'll raise you a anything by Rush after Signals ('82).
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    I knew there was one, came back to me right now : The Wooten Brothers, Put Love to Work. Even worse than any Toto album. A big pack of deep merdiques titles absolutely impossible to listen to without wanting to buy a plane ticket to be sure to put them all a bullet in the head. My record seller agreed and even refunded me after listening the opening track. If you like torture or want to make someone sick, go on, it's the perfect gift. How can studio musicians record such a truckload of crap ?
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    IMHO they can't be beat on a P-bass, could have been made for! - My fave's for a very long time 😋
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    FWIW, here's my oval USA UL's..
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    And another one off the list. And I remembered that it's best to install the luminlay dots before the final sanding of the neck! Some folks make their own, but with the material coming in stick form, it is SO easy to install: ...and looks SO good once it has been, especially the black bound version. Makes great daylight and low light visibility even if you don't charge them up for the glow:
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    I've recently fitted the 'C' neck from my Roger Waters sig (which is by far the comfiest neck I've ever played) onto my Blacktop Jazz, but then that has two P pickups on it so I'm not sure where i fit in this thread 😳. I'm now on the hunt for another neck from a Waters bass to fit back on my Waters bass, if you see what I mean.
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    I have two jazz basses with Precision necks, both sound and play better than any others I've owned. Big necks make a difference to the sound and playability for me. Fretless below, no pics of the fretted I'm afraid but will take some and post later
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    There are lots of so called classic albums I don't like and artists I "Don't get" but its all subjective, so no one but me probably cares.
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    I had a real love of Passion Grace & Fire when it came out around 83', bought it on Vinyl last week, put it on, hasn't aged well to me, pretty self indulgent with the odd moment of beauty, too many cooks and all that...
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    Ah great, Tom & Will no longer make that particular case. Try this instead: https://www.gear4music.com/Woodwind-Brass-Strings/Westbury-Deluxe-Padded-3-4-Double-Bass-Gig-Bag-with-Wheels/1MBI
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    Led Zep, I like a few songs but feel that I should really like the band and all they`ve done, but much of it just passes me by.
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    Pink Floyd have never appealed to me generally to be honest, save for the odd song.
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    That’s right, normally the link comes through automatically as soon as you’ve registered the product to your account. Which reminds me, I need to register mine! Did you email [email protected]? I got a response about a feature request I sent to that address. Failing that, it might be worth contacting someone like Adam or Amos directly (usually first name in front of the @moogmusic.com).
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    Not sure I’m too skilled but I’ve got a bench drill
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    The consensus is crap. Have a listen to John Giblin, Mick Karn, Percy Jones, Alain Caron, Pino's work with Paul Young, and tell me they're playing it like a fretted bass. Nah.
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    Avoid the use of a chorus pedal unless you with to be permanently exiled to the 1980's.
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