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    I stopped going years back, mostly due to it always ending up being a constant round of twelve bar blues type stuff, while an Eric Clapton type wannabee showed us all what a total rock God he was and that we were so lucky to be supporting him
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    I'd have to have a 'Wrongo' decal made for that!😊
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    I have played with a singer who regularly uses a music stand. He was by far the best singer I have worked with. No-one ever came up to me and said 'your singer has a music stand, thats terrible'. Many people came up to me and said 'your singer is fantastic'. Most audience members won't even know what a music stand is.
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    You're the bass player, and would maybe not like to have to change instrument just because the band feels it's not 'acceptable'. He's the singer, and should have the same privilege and respect, I'd suggest. Of course the 'issue' could be discussed, but he decides what he needs (or wants...) for the gigs. For my part, I've never bought into this 'acceptable' stuff; I've seen too many bands with all sorts of stuff on stage for it to count for anything. As long as your show is good, such props are of no relevance. Just my tuppence-worth.
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    Stop sitting on the fence. . . . !
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    There's no jam at an open mic. Mmm... jam.
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    Gratuitous fretless Jazz Type bass pic
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    Pollmann Gamba from 1967 A fine example of a Pollmann bass, big smooth sound and easy to play. Would suit an orchestral or jazz player, would also make a powerful solo instrument. Recently serviced and new end pin fitted by Martin Penning. New Belcanto strings. Bridge from Malcolm Healey 4 years ago. The instrument is in great condition with no work needed at all. Measurements: string length: 104.7 cm / 41 1/4” length of back: 109.5 cm / 43 1/8” rib depth: 21.6 cm / 8 1/2” width of upper bouts (at widest point): 49.4 cm / 19 7/16” width of lower bouts (at widest point): 64.5 cm / 25 3/8” Beautiful figured maple sides and back, fine grained spruce top, carved outer linings with a deep golden varnish with a hint of red. Price: £15,500, reduced to £14,000 Can come with a light soft case if you wish. Pollmann website here with similar used Pollmann basses for sale: http://www.poellmann-contrabass.de/indexframe.htm You are very welcome to come over to try the bass. As I am a private seller, trials are regrettable not possible unless a returnable deposit for the full asking price is made and the instrument is on your insurance. Enjoy the pictures and thanks for looking
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    Good evening, fellow bass humans. I'm Jam O'Malley, I play in a band called forest of fools, and we are a six-piece festival band featuring bass, melodeon, drums, percussion, vocals and sousaphone. We call the genre Jump-Up Folk, and it's a high-energy mashup of folk, funk, drum & bass and psychedelic. I play a Warwick Thumb BO 4, a Warwick Infinity SN 5 (tuned E-C currently) and occasionally acoustic and fretless if I get carried away... Mostly playing through a Markbass 15" CMD combo - 18kg! - perfect for trudging around muddy UK festivals! I've spent a while gawping at the incredible basses and wealth of knowledge on these pages and I'm excited to be a part of it. Much love, J
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    SOLD I recently picked up this excellent 2011 Custom Shop Warwick Streamer Jazzman LX 5-string. It sounds great and is very versatile, however I've sadly come to the conclusion that I prefer the 20mm spacing on my Stage One 6. Specs are: Swamp Ash body AA Flamed Maple top Ovangkol Neck Ebony Board MEC MM/J pickups with MEC 3-band EQ Black hardware Just A Nut III Brass Rock case flight case Warwick User Kit with manual and Custom Shop Certificate This was in quite a state when I got it, and has had a new bridge and tailpiece, a couple of new tuners (just paint wear, no damage) and I put the original MEC pickups back in and had a full fretstone and setup done with new DR Hi-Beam 45-105. I'd much rather trade this for a Streamer Stage 1 5-string rather than sell as I still want to have a 5-string. I'm not interested in anything else for trade. Given the size and weight when packed in the flightcase, and the lack of reliable shipping insurance for instruments, it will either be collection from Surrey, or I can meet at a main London train station. Thanks for looking!
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    Hello! I'm going back to Jazz basses so would like to move this on for extra funds. It's a beauty, upgraded with a Seymour Duncan SPB1 and a KiOgon wiring kit. Excellent condition, sounds like a Precision bass should! I am in Ossett, Wakefield, West Yorkshire about 5 minutes from J40 of the M1. I would prefer cash on collection please. Thanks for looking Julian
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    Got a can of LPB nitro from Northwestguitars and just did a scuff finish coat over the existing sunburst with 400 grade paper which was too rough, should have gone with 800. Did 6 ish coats and then about the same of clear coat. Used tinted amber for the neck 6-8 coats, then clear over that too. Nitro is quite forgiving: any small errors get righted by the next coat which melts into it, luckily for me...!
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    Turn the volume flat out - you will find it compresses quite a lot! But in seriousness, a valve amp circuit is very simple compared to other amps, an actual compressor requires an active amplifier with a feedback circuit, which can be done with valves but would need quite a few of them* so would make them pretty expensive. Especially when you can just get a cheap compressor and put in in front. Or turn the volume up Correction - you could do a basic compressor with another 3 valves..
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    I thought he was blue, stop calling him Shirley.........
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    It's not showing on their website but Andertons have the Ebony vintage Pro in stock, mine arrives Tomorrow.
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    @Old_Ben the link you posted is broken for me for some reason this one works though; https://www.soundcloud.com/ben-webb-15/hopeinside boss track as well man, really digging it! 🙌
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    I built mine myself. The main building was supplied as a rough kit from the timber merchants in a neighbouring village. It is on a full concrete base, a wooden frame made from 2x4 timbers, felt roof slates, lapped outer wall with a breathable waterproof membrane then a 3 inch layer of polystyrene insulation followed by ply inner walls which have been fully battened to allow 4 inch acoustic insulation in the walls and 12 inches above the ceiling. The whole thing is then dry lined and plastered. I have a really low output conservatory storage heater which ticks over all winter at pretty much no cost. The insulation is so good that its warm in winter and during the recent hot weather was absolutely beautifully cool. The inner space is divided into two so there's still a functioning garage / mower store in the non music room side. I have an acoustic drum kit that has been converted to electric running through superior drummer and we have full band rehearsals in there with everyone on in ears. We also have video cameras permanently mounted on walls so we can shoot videos at rehearsals if we think it will make interesting media for our potential clients. As we use a digital mixer its a cinch to It's a work in progress but is an amazing space. My advice is that you need to start with a solid base and be prepared to insulate really well and install a breathable membrane. If its built well and you look after it there should be absolutely no reason to have any damp issues. Invest in decent security. The alarm we have is linked to our house alarm and I have so many locks and door bars etc that it takes me 3 mins to get in when I first unlock it.
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    215s are a good entry point however, there’s a lot of bang for buck in the KZ ZS10 - 5 driver hybrid for circa 40 quid. Anybody looking for inear pointers, check out the thread in the Accessories and Misc section. I don’t think you’ll find as much information in one place as you’ll find there! 100 quid based on a hard wired connection.
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    Especially as it looks like crap.
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    If they get 2 tunes, tell them that their messing about has just used up their first tune.
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    Nice bass but hope you don't mind me saying but you may be better off putting it back to standard and selling the other bits separately as I fear you won't get any where near the price you are asking as is hope I'm wrong and glwts
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    All my old bass and guitar magazines (200 to 300) have gone to the bin as nobody wanted them, even for free... Hope you'll be more lucky.
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    Reduced Again Now £1800 including shipping in UK, Europe by negotiation Unfortunately need to shift this now Sad it has come to this, but I'm afraid I've come to the conclusion that 5 strings, at least for fretless are not for me. Therefore I'm offering up my beautiful Rob Allen MB-2 5 string for someone with more patience / talent to enjoy. It has a gorgeous flame / figured walnut top on an alder body, walnut neck with a cocobolo fingerboard. Plays like butter and has got that fantastic acoustic sounding 'mwah' thing going on as you'd expect from a Rob Allen. It's not mint but in good condition with no significant dings Currently strung with the clear tape wound 760 La Bella's rather than the blacks that you usually see. Comes with Rob Allen branded Levy's gig bag, matching walnut thumb rest (currently not fitted) Not really looking for trades, unless someone out there has a nice 4 string MB-2 / Deep 4 and they want an extra string. Couple of stock images of the actual bass below my own pictures that do it more justice As it's an expensive item and I don't have a hard case, collection preferred (or I can travel to deliver within reason), but will be willing to pack properly and ship if necessary. Shipping included for UK, elsewhere cost when we work out what it'll cost!
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    https://www.amazon.co.uk/Guitar-Pedal-Power-Supply-Overcurrent/dp/B06XPG8B71/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1524498392&sr=8-3&keywords=power+supply+pedals they have the same ones on eBay for £17.99 i was just looking for myself
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    Either as band mates or employees you have to take people as they are pros and cons . One of the singers I play with uses a stand even after years of doing the same songs , however I've played with singers who don't need a stand who can't sing a Ballard like she does .
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    Andertons have them in stock!! Order today for delivery on Friday: https://www.andertons.co.uk/tech-21-dug-pinnick-dp-3x-signature-pedal-pre-amp-for-bass So hopefully we are getting them this week!
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    If I go to see a semi pro or weekend warrior band or they are booked for a wedding or party then a music stand to help the singer get through 30 songs is acceptable to me , as long as the general quality is there . If I go to see Iron Maiden or a £25 per ticket tribute act , then it's not Pesonally as someone who worked a day job and played in bands , learning lot she of basslines well was sometimes a big ask , so I sympathise with singers in similar situations and understand the need
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    I seem to think it also claims to be where the pancake race originated too. That's flipping awesome. No? I'll get my coat.
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    +1 for this, I was a little dubious at first but it's been working just fine for the past 6 months.
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    Cheers Dave, 3rd book is nearly ready. It might be the one that breaks me (not in the good way)
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    For sale my lovely Ken Smith BSR4GN from 2011 Mint condition, 8/10 only a small stripe on the top but nothing important. Three-Piece Body Wings Five-Piece Maple Ovangkol Shedua Neck with Macassar Ebony Fingerboard Mother Of Pearl Top & Side Dots Smith Humbucker Pickups & 3-Band 18v Preamp, Series-Parallel Switches Gold Hardware Ken smith Hard case
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    I don't think there's a strict line Les and open mic's and jam sessions are as varied as the musicians that go there. My experience is that each feels different and both are often mis-described. The minimum requirement for an open mic is just that, a mic and a small PA. Most of them just have acoustic acts and sometimes even comedians and poetry readings, a few are essentially folk venues, it's worth checking. The minimum for a jam session is that at some point a few people will get together and play. Jamming in the sense of playing a completely unprepared 'standard' with musicians jumping in and out, and improvising seems fairly rare. You'd normally expect jam sessions to be electric, have some sort of back line provided and a drum kit, but that varies. How cliquey they are depends upon the host and to an extent upon the landlord/lady. Many bands use it as an excuse for practice in public and the standard can be quite good, because they are used to playing together. They'll often welcome other acts as this gives them a break and of course over time the musicians all get to know each other and the songs a good host will notice anyone walking in with an instrument and try to include them once they know what they do but it is like trying to break into any conversation between friends, tricky to get started. Open mic's tend to be a bit more open, the host will have a rough idea of how many performers they have and divide the time fairly between them, but they will also know who amongst their regulars will be good and who will clear the bar so some people may get more than others. If anything is billed as an open mic it is worth always taking some sort of amp as a bassist, preferably a smallish combo as the PA may not be up to handling bass. The venue may affect how open the event is, the host is usually paid or gets a portion of the bar takings, if the manager wants to entertain his or her regulars then they are going to expect the host to keep the standard of music up so 'better' acts are going to get more time.
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    If everybody else thinks you're too loud but you're struggling to hear yourself then the solution probably isn't buying a different amp which does pretty much the same thing. Get an amp stand so you can angle your cab up at you or if you do want to change rigs then get something that can be kicked back into a wedge format (Markbass did cabs and combos like this) or just buy a good quality PA cab which also caters for this. I went through a few different solutions and ended up with a QSC wedge which is great as well as being tiny enough to fit anywhere on the stage. You could skip this entirely and get in ears, you won't have any volume issues then and it's even less to carry!
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    Most of the big touring bands, including Bowie, The Stones, Dave Gilmour etc, use prompts in case the singer gets distracted or forgets the words or arrangements.
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    I was watching something on the Now TV box last night and then turned back to my normal service without remembering what channel I’d left it on previously. It was a music program with a band laying down some awesome funk. And what a mix, everything just right, with the bass nicely audible. This can’t be the BBC I thought to myself, wrong. Later is back and the band were Tower of Power. David Garibaldi back on drums with Marc Van Wageningen on bass (no Rocco but Marc is just as brilliant ). I’m now looking forward to the extended show on Sunday. Other acts included Snow Patrol & Plan B, TBH I just fast forwarded but the mix was still very good - about time.
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    Perhaps they struggle to remember them onstage? I think Michael Stipe does/did have lyrics on the floor because he would blank when onstage.
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    No. Never. There is no call for reminding us of that holiday in May. Go sit on some Holly then go and wait under some Mistletoe until someone kisses it better for you. Heeheehee. I remember being cheesed off at having to learn a Christmas set for the choir. I shouldn't have taken against the idea at all. I ended up learning a lot about the delivery of songs I thought I knew already.
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    Oh, hell yes. It is a tricky balance to get right, though - I speak from some (limited) experience having covered one for a friend! Obviously you want to give all the musicians a chance to get up and play, but every new person that shows up is an unknown quantity - not just on the axis of technically good / bad, but also the essential axis of modesty vs incorrigible showboating! And of course, anyone who's not playing is there to be entertained. There's a fear that if you bring up too many howlers, punters will lose interest, and other musicians will start to regard the jam as having a low standard of musicianship. (And that's before you consider the internal politics between the regulars - knowing that you can't put Adam up with Ben because neither likes the way the other hogs the stage, or Carl won't play with Diane because she once forgot the chords to that one obscure soul tune he wanted to sing, even though that was weeks ago...) So in short, I can see why they find safety in the musicians they know. But it's equally counterproductive to play it too safe. If you're too scared to take a punt on someone you don't know, you're just going to micturate off the other musicians, and the punters will quickly get bored of watching the same dozen people cycling through the same dozen songs every week. And that's giving the host the benefit of the doubt, and assuming that he/she doesn't see the jam as a back door to having their own personal stage show, where they can dominate the stage with their own dreary guff, and feel alright about the "jam" aspect because they got nine other musicians up wth them. ...can you tell that I've possibly been to too many jam nights? The above are, sadly, all based on real examples I've witnessed. The best two I've known were: one where the host never played, and my current local one, where the host plays the warm-up set, then only gets back up if there's a shortage of musicians.
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    I was a little dubious by all the hype. But this is surprisingly good.
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    I’ve got one of these. They are truly excellent microphones, and you can’t go wrong with one!
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    Depends on the cake. Fish cake? Better with gravy.
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    Ey Up Mi Duck festival on Friday, on drum with Headsticks, we played inside at the end of the night, around 11pm, and it was rammed. I guess most of them had seen us before as they were all singing along. The PA was a bit dodgy, they had a bunch of 4 gang extension leads chained up and one of the revellers managed to spill a drink on one of them. The soundman looked a bit worse for wear and suggested that was us done for the night but someone managed to find the reset switch - it turns out the extension had one of those protection things built in. Anyway, we played till after midnight and it was great fun Saturday night we played the May Day Festival of Solidarity which is a socialist affair. When we arrived there were a few VERY folky acts on and the crowd was in total appreciative silence - not our usual crowd. I was a bit concerned but it went alright. Nowhere near as good as the night before, but then the crowd weren't anywhere near as wasted. On Sunday I played a local festival on lead guitar as part of Julia Mosely's band. I'm slowly starting to get the hang of it. I've played guitar since I was a kid but never done it in a band before so I'm struggling with confidence a bit, but I've seen some recordings and it sounds good. It's on Facebook so I don't know if you'll be able to see it... Great weekend anyway!
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    Defo call Alex, especially if you are using 4 4x10s Thats 16 speakers of loud, and may cause an earthquake
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    One important consideration is accents. Although possibly apocryphal, I love the story that Mötley Crüe were greeted on stage in Germany to chants of 'Mertley Cru-ee'... ...in fact this is why my band, the Expändables, has an umlaut : we're all getting wider (expandable) and if one of us can't make the gig we play anyway (expendable)
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    A good gig id imagine for a singer / actress trying to pay a mortgage
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    Selling my unique and ultrarare Ken Smith 25th Anniversary Fusion Elite 5, the one and only factory original fretless from Ken's top model that I have ever seen. Specs: 25th Anniversary model Exhibition Grade Bubinga Top and Back Walnut Core 7pc body wings and 7pc neck (neck through) BMT body shape Satin finish (Ken's recommendation for Fretless) Figured Macassar Ebony Board Lined Fretless (300 USD upgrade) 34" scale 18mm spacing 18V electrics with DIP switches Weight 4,6 kg Build year 2009 OHSC and case candy The pictures do not justice this wonderful Bubinga top with its nice 3D pattern and grain. The Satin finish feels great in my hands. This bass is barely used and could go for cash (preferred) or another interesting bass. Action could be set very low. Currently strung with Thomastik Rounds. Everything works well and as expected. This bass is absolutely LIKE NEW. I am the second owner after a collector. This bass survived most of its life time in its case. No dings or dongs, no hairline scratches, it still smells like new ! Case is like new as well. Street price currently 8100 USD for the current top model which does not include the 25th details like the golden truss rod plate and the Abalone dot inlays. Plus shipping and VAT. SOLD Players who would like to have a 25th fretted instead of a fretless could easily let a luthier install frets on this bass - and even then the price would be less than currently asked for similar models. I still own a fretted 25th 5er with Walnut top and it plays and sounds incredible ! There have been only maximum 60 Smiths built at 25th anniversary specs (of which I personally own and owned not less than 7), the model has been discontinued now but most of the specs are found in the current Fusion Elite line. So grab the chance to take a very rare piece of history. Trades considered: Fodera Ken Smith Fretted Ken Lawrence Vintage Fenders Alleva Coppolo Xotic XJ1T Lightweight K Bass or other high end bass (+/- cash), let me know what you have.
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