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    I just wanted to say a big thank you to Adam and all at D'addario. I did a gig last Thursday and my D string broke during the second song. Thankfully I brought a spare bass (first time ever for both). So a few days ago a conversation on here to place about broken strings. So I thought I'd mention it to D'addario, who were part of that conversation just as some customer feedback. Adam came straight back to me and offered to send a new set as a goodwill gesture. Brand new set of strings arrived less than 48 hours later. Top bloke, top company! Everyone is quick to moan about bad service, how about we also name the good guys here too. Your turn:
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    That's a biggie for me - I like to understand the singer, not just hear them. I always want our vocals loud & proud, if there can only be one loud & proud thing in the PA then it has to be the lead vocals, not the darn bass drum.
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    You sure you weren't at a Baldrick poetry recital?
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    I’ve had Counting Crows’ ‘August and Everything After’ on in the car today; one of those albums that I always go back to, and have done for well over twenty years. I’m a song guy first and foremost, but listening today it struck me how good the rhythm section is on this album. On the song ‘Omaha’ particularly the bass and drums are locked...
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    Awww shucks. Thanks for all the positive feedback. Seriously though, we make over 800,000 strings per day and faults are very few and far between, but it is important we put it right if it does go wrong. Thanks for the love guys, and having us as part of this great community! Adam.
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    I must get a pair of those RFB pickups and permanently wire them in series. Currently, the only means I have of scorching a bran muffin is by bending over in front of one and lighting a match near my anus. Just for clarity: "AC RFB Humbucker: This wide aperture humbucking pickup provides a more aggressive, darker tone, with a lot punch and a smoother high end when compared to the more modern hifi tone of our FB pickup. A great choice for a powerful rock or extremely punchy funk tone, anything where you really want to be noticed. The pickup can be wound in series mode for a serious amount of low mid punch or parallel for pronounced mid range clarity. It can also be combined with a 3 way switch to allow access to series, parallel and single coil mode making for an incredibly versatile setup, a great choice for a single pickup bass, or in combination with any other pickup for a veritable Swiss Army knife of an instrument. RFB Pickups are available in 40mm or 50mm casings, however we recommend 50mm casings to get the best from the design."
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    Another classic... this too...
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    Ian Anderson, of Tull fame. Soundtrack to my life since 1968. He has written songs in so many genres I sometimes found it difficult to keep up. Before that, the Beatles. Again for the diversity and quality of their material. No one pushed the boundaries of popular music so far in such a short space of time. Not great musicians but more importantly, super creative musicians. Taught me that creativity trumps chops every time.
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    Melted Wispa on dark muscovado? Mmmmm
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    But is it PedAnt or PedEnt?
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    Hi Basschat! I recently purchased a beautiful Ocean Turquoise 4-string jazz elite bass, and had our monitor engineer send a desk recording from one of our recent shows @ Alexandra Palace, I'm super happy with how its tracking in a live situation, thought I'd share it and have this thread for other people to share their live recordings of their Elite's! (precision + Jazz)
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    For sale my beautiful natural ash P bass. All original inc pick up, wiring, ashtrays, bridge cover Fender Hard Case Just back from a full health check and set up from Bass Doc up here in Newcastle. Happy for anyone to come and try, take apart and inspect anytime. Based near Hexham, Northumberland. Can ship and buyers risk and expense but kettles always on and there’s a high chance of biscuits if you want to visit. Will add weight and dims when I’m back at home. Not really after and trades but welcome to try.
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    So... again I would agree analogue octavers glitching on the 5/7fret range of a G string is common. Don’t feel bad about that. The Octo is a good tracker but the more a builder concentrates on tracking, it can effect the sound in other ways. I think all are a trade off. That’s said there is no one type that fits all. Digital ones track great but to me sound awful. Some work better with a comp in front, some don’t. Playing style, string guage, pickup position all play a part. If you have to change too much, move it on for something else. The odd bit that glitches will probably only bother you, I’ll bet no one in the band even notices.
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    Don't know about the white plug - the closest I've been to a real one of these was a Strat copy at a car boot that was too much of a wreck to justify the £30 they wanted! Lawsuits, then - with a large side-order of elephantine pedantry. Well - you did ask! No-one would (or should) have had a word with Mr Indabass above for describing a 70s copy as "Lawsuit era". However the only instruments that were ever actually threatened with legal actions at that time were Ibanez-branded Gibson copies. In 1977, Norlin,the parent company of Gibson at the time, sent a letter of intended legal action to Elger Hohsino (the US operation of Hoshino Gakki, the company which owns the Ibanez brand) regarding their use of the "open book" headstock shape on Ibanez guitars, claiming a violation of their trademark design. However, a year earlier, Hoshino had already modified the headstock profile to be similar (not identical) to a Guild shape - so no legal action ever took place. Despite the shrieking claims of a hundred thousand Ebay sellers, no other manufacturer either took or threatened legal action over the design of any of the Japanese or Korean copies from the 70s or early 80s - they weren't taken seriously enough for them to bother. Norlin's action however did prompt Japanese manufacturers to voluntarily change the designs of copy instruments, and ultimately move their output towards the higher-end, originals market. Wake up at the back, there!
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    Did he drop it down a flight of concrete steps?
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    It's a 2012 , full scale. Really fun to play, very thin neck. Blue
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    Yes, these Jerry Barnes models are killer. It has all the things I like in a '70 jazz and some more. Knowing now from experience how good Atelier Z basses are if I was on the market for a 4 string jazz, these would be high on my list (and the chambered Atelier DAL models, too)
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    Immense! I remember when one of these was featured on the Status site. After all it had cost, Jonas didn't use his live for very long and the old site (hellborg.de) had very few pictures of him playing it. Wish I had the spare dough at the moment!
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    The Hammersmith K4 is a rather tasty modern take on the Guild B301 https://m.facebook.com/hammersmithmusic/photos/a.1217679834915164.1073741829.1211584158858065/1621661441183666/?type=3
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    Maybe the it was the need to have at least one band member who was a member of the M.U.?
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    Two things. Firstly, If the backline is too loud for the venue then why pray is the backline being mic'd up? If a band cant find a stage balance that suits the music, through many hours spent rehearsing, then they cant call themselves competent musicians. Secondly, unless its an instrumentals band the vocals are the most important part of the sound. With or without a full on FOH rig, get the vocal volume right and work the rest of the instruments from there. If you pay for a rig and a sound engineer then if he/she says one of the instruments stage volumes is too loud then accept it. Its a band, and the overall sound is what matters.
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    I also picked up a fairly cheap Chinese Fender telecaster bass (the one with the two mudbuckers in middle of pic) if anyone wants to see the reasonable build quality of Chinese Fenders these days. Fitted with flats currently for some suitably low end thuddy stuff. I'm not planning bringing any back line so hopefully some kind soul will loan use of their rig if anyone wants to try the basses I bring. From what I recall of other meetings is theres often too much ampage in use anyway.
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    I saw one for £100 in a second hand shop and did a double take the other day. I got mine on here a couple of years ago for £20. I will now never ever sell it, excellent pedal
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    Um, no single answer to what you're asking I don't think. Part of it is to do with how you're bass is set up and part is down to the construction of the strings. Also how you play. For example, having a higher break angle over the bridge (or nut - via a string tree or more windings on tuning post to push string down) will make strings feel a little stiffer (ie. less compliant). If you play with a light touch you may get away with a very low action and using medium (or even light) tension strings. Some general construction factors affecting string tension/stiffness include: - Strings with a hex core will generally feel stiffer than a round core (they may be the same tension but will feel stiffer) - Pressure wound strings will generally be higher tension than regular round wounds of the same gauge - Flat wound strings will generally be higher tension than regular round wounds of the same gauge These are just basic guidelines, the best thing is to try out a few different strings and see what works for you. From what Ped says, the Elixirs sound to be slightly higher tension than some other strings so they may be worth a try. As for where Ernie Ball 45-105s sit in the 'tension spectrum', I'd say pretty much in the middle.
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    +1 The Ventris is likely to be a strong competitor. It’ll also take up less space on your board, if you care about that sort of thing.
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    I'm still here, I just lurk though! I bought this in 2009 direct from Spector as Sound Control had gone bump and there was no UK distro at the time. I was a sponsored artist, hence why I was allowed to have the black hardware on this bass. I actually ordered it in Black Cherry but as it turns out it was more Cherry Red when it arrived, I wasn't bothered. I still remember the smell of the lacquer when I opened the case for the first time. I sold the Tonepump on here and replaced the bass/treble knobs with gromets, I just wanted the pickups into my Bass 400+ and 6x10" Mesa cab and it sounded huge. Growliest thing ever, although it had some really nice low end with the alder back. I used it to record half the songs on our 3rd album, "The Spire of Sins" which got a half-hearted release in 2010/2011. Nailed split/fizzled in 2010 when I started working full time and the drummer Garth had a second kid. I went on to sell all my bass gear and play guitar in The Leviathan with Jim, the guitarist from Nailed - we released an album in 2013 but have fizzled out as our drummer quit playing and our bassist now helms I Saw The World Burn (who I recently played bass for until November of last year). Mass and Garth from Nailed joined Narcotic Death which split up later, and Mass then went on to re-form his band Blasphemer who are still going strong. Garth now plays in Dychosis as well. The first and only gig I ever played with this bass was the Mountains of Death festival in Muotathal, Switzerland on 20th August 2010. That was the last ever Nailed gig. The dent you can see in the case I think is from the flight back to the UK. Here is the bass during our set: If you want links to music, see below: Nailed - A Pure World is a Dead World ( Full Album 2003) (Youtube) Nailed - Hatred, Failure & the Extinction of Mankind 2007 Full Album (Youtube) I haven't got our 3rd album uploaded online yet, I need to get Mass to do it. Facebook Links: https://www.facebook.com/theleviathanuk/ https://www.facebook.com/dychosis/ https://www.facebook.com/BlasphemerUK666/ I'm glad to see this bass got so much great usage over the years, I barely used it, and it will go for many years longer. It's a mega, mega instrument!
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    I've posted the rig before but the bass is new.
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    Still very much umming and ahhing about this... This bass is fantastic. I’ve never owned such an amazingly well balanced and well crafted instrument. Each note, from the low B (big thumbs up) to the A at the 26th fret rings perfectly with sweet resounding loveliness. The neck is incredibly warm sounding for a composite, and it does not move. You could take this bass from sub zero to sub tropical and I seriously doubt the neck would move even a mm. Fancy changing the gauge of your strings? Bang whatever set you like on, you’ll not have to worry about the setup. All this makes this bass the perfect touring bass. It’s smooth, it cuts, it has punch, growl. It’s a great bass. And it would probably cost about twice as much to buy new. It’s in great condition aside from a couple of minor dings on the bottom, that to be honest I totally forgot about, so I will try and photograh them too. - Spalted Alder body with master grade Redwood Burl top - 26 fret Composite Neck with abalone inlays and matching headstock - Black hardware (Zon bridge, gotoh tuners) - Bartolini Soap Bars - Zon/Polyfusion preamp The only trades I’m really interested in are 34” 5 string MTDs, Elrick Evos, Ken Lawrences, Adamovics, Mattesons or perhaps maybe those ones with the purdy butterfly on the headstock Pics at the link below https://www.dropbox.com/sh/l31amla3z028usr/AABsCIFqWGMjpy4RRjxXnScfa?dl=0
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    Above and beyond the call of duty. Every string I've ever broken has been entirely down to my own ham fistedness. Apart from that one time the the E broke whilst the bass was leaning against the wall. I think it had probably just had enough of my abuse and decided it wanted out.
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    Welcome to Basschat Jack. You will enjoy the Basschat Build Diaries no doubt.
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    Quiet boys, I've got a bite! It was a joke, hence the smiley. I'm a big fan of Yamaha, my number two bass is my Bex4, absolutely amazing bass for very little money, and if I sold all my basses and had to choose one bass for life it would be a 2024x in vintage white.
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    Indeed. Can you imagine the puzzled look on the shop assistants face if you asked to check out their selection of Eebanyeth and Squee-er basses?
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    Very impressive Bassassin and thanks for solving the mystery. Thanks also to all the other guys who joined in. Quite an interesting guitar then and looks to be a good buy at £40 from a local charity shop on Monday! My NZ friend is due in the UK soon and I think he will be pleased.
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    I saw Incognito recently and Francis Hylton was playing an Atelier jazz bass through an Aguilar 751 head . sounded amazing. Lovely looking bass, I'm sure this sounds amazing
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    For most of my life, when listening to music I would listen to the bass. Those who inspired me the most were people like Mick Karn, Sly & Robbie, Aswad and the 80s "funk scene" though I didn't (and to some degree still don't) who the Bass players were....
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    My fault entirely.... Way back in the 60s, at a pub in Nottm, we were using their PA, with what passed as a sound desk on the stage next to my drums. Being a drummer, I had no idea how these worked, but the vocalist asked me to turn the whole thing up. Right next to the desk, mounted on the wall, were the burglar alarm controls. The PA volume didn’t increase, but about ten minutes later, the boys in blue arrived........ We never played at that venue again, for some reason
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    Yamaha DXR12 or QSC k12.2 plus small passive mixer. DXR are a big step up from DBR series. Yamaha have just introduced a new DZR series which look great on paper but are a chunk of change north of the DXRs but if specs are to be believed, should be amazing. RCF have plenty of great products in their range. In bargain basement, the ALTOS get a lot of positive mention alongside the cheaper EV. Unfortunately, like many things in life, you get what you pay for. good luck
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    SOLD - 25/4/18 Was £2000 NOW £1850 YAMAHA BBNE2 White 2016 Putting the feelers out to see if there is any interest for my Yamaha BBNE2 (built February 2016) Made in Japan, this bass is a true testament to Yamaha's top of the range basses. With no dings on the body and minimal fret wear, this bass is in fantastic condition. Very very light scratch marks as to be expected on the face of the body (too light to be picked up in any photos). Yamaha say "Featuring neck-through construction, the two-octave neck is built from maple and mahogany with an ebony fingerboard inlaid with figured abalone. Matching mother-of-pearl tuners complete the look. The unique BB body is made of maple and alder for a fat sound with plenty of definition. The BPZ-7 bridge features individual, machined saddles that provide precise intonation, a low profile, and an elegant look. The stacked Alnico humbuckers run through Yamaha's 5-control active electronics, which feature a custom 3-band EQ with a switchable mid-cut to provide sonic versatility for any situation." The reason for sale is that I thought i would need the extra bottom 'B' but have decided i really am a 4 string kinda guy. These basses cost anywhere from £3000 + new, so get yourself an almost new bass for much much less. See http://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Yamaha_BB_NE_II_WHite.html for example. N.B. Flight Case is included in sale. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am based in Herefordshire, England (HR6 Postcode). Thanks.
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    They're not exactly rare. Or unobtainable. Or expensive. You famously can't buy Wal pickups, but Herrick do this spiffy 8-coil number. Not cheap, but can you imagine what the bass would sound like..? https://www.herrickpickups.com/products/split-8-coil-mm-humbucker/ I think just one of them, wired and switched for various configurations and with a top-range pre-amp, would be fairly orgasmic.Full-on active electronics versatility but with a vintage look and feel. Does it get any better..?
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    So put one together! That looks killer, but of course I'd need it to be in vintage white, cream, or TV Yellow. Suh-weet!
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    First time the drummer came in at the right moment?
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    + 1 , the golden perdiod for the Minds was from EAD via Sons & Fascination/Sister Feelings Call to New Gold Dream. All chocka with cracking, memorable basslines. As I teen in the 80s there's loads of stuff I liked; Two Tone, post punk, electronic stuff and a lot of pop. Still do and here's one that's really evocative for me
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    The year was 1982, I was 9, I had been given (second hand) a 70's Bontempi Hit Organ and Yazoo's 'Don't Go' was riding high in the charts. I fired up the Bontempi, which roared into life with its overbearing fan noise, and I learnt how to play the opening riff of above song. I was the coolest person ever While not the best 80's song, this brings back fond memories. Back then everything Vince Clarke did was magic to me, I'd never heard these sounds before.
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    Price drop as there’s something I have my eye on!! £125 posted, or still open to trades on dirt pedals (what you have might satisfy my GAS!).
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    My main baby now (Warwick Rockbass Vampyre) My modded Dean Metalman.
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    Rhythm. Has. Your. Two. Hands. Moving Now you'll remember.

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