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    But is it PedAnt or PedEnt?
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    I imagine it’s the auto cucumber on mobile phones that changes it!
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    I bought an acoustic Control Corporation 406 (2x15) on eBay. It looks considerably healthier in the listing than in real life. However after a 590 mile round trip that started with the idea of just re grilling it, turned into a complete restoration. I’ve done a couple of 406s and many other cabs so wasn’t too daunted by the idea. I stripped the tolex to find some water damage on the base and it was still slightly damp so I let it air dry for a little over a week. In the meantime ordered the tolex and grill cloth and took the handle and castor brackets to be blasted and powder coated. Once dry I sanded the old glue and bits of tolex off. Then filled the rough and damaged parts with 2 pack filler. Sanded again, painted the baffle and re grilled or. Today I Set about re Tolexing the cab and to my delight it was as painless as the stripping was. All tolex on and the cab reassembled inside of a day. The only thing I need to complete it is some new chrome corners.
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    Very reluctant sale but seeing as my Jazz & "other" bass are only attracting trade offers, & I need to SELL a bass, gotta put this one up. When one goes, the other two will be removed. CIJ, 70'S RI in Capri Orange, slab rosewood board, 8lb 12oz. US pickups, alder body, TV logo, 41mm nut. Please note it has some dinks & a finish chip, but is in quite good condition. Do not expect immaculate. No trades please, gotta actually sell something. At this moment due to work I CAN NOT COURIER. I will meet up at no extra charge, within 50 miles of Wigan Feedback linked below, any trial in Wigan, thanks for looking. Cheers, Karl.
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    Here's an old gig pic. Anyone got any idea who's playing? The guy on double neck guitar? That's Pino Palladino!!!
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    New wife for your 50th. What is this 2 bass nonsense?
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    Searchable library of 16,000 sound effects in WAV format. BBC copyright but available for personal, educational or research purposes http://bbcsfx.acropolis.org.uk/
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    Hey guys! Placing for sale this gorgeous Dingwall Afterburner II with a beautiful Bubinga top. Body: Mahogany Top: Bubinga (rare opportunity, Dingwall doesn’t use Bubinga anymore due to CITES regulations) Neck: Mahogany Fingerboard: Wenge Scale: 37"-34" Preamp: Aguilar Switch: Active-Pasive Hardware: Hipshot Custom for Dingwall This bass is in great conditions, comes with a hardcase. The location is Barcelona, Spain, but can ship it internationally.
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    SOLD BIG PRICE REDUCTION £500 collection Now willing to post this and will include Uk mainland shipping cost in price. I can courier on Monday and you could have it on Tuesday 19 July. I may change my mind and keep this so if anyone is interested please do get in touch over weekend. This is no longer on hold as the intended purchaser didn’t show and hasn’t been in contact. If you read this, I hope you are ok! Price reduced to £600 as I have my eye on something and have negotiated a one in = one out with she who must be obeyed😆 Yamaha TRB 5 string fretless. Series one (with cutaway). Made in Japan. Serial number 4N1 3074 which I think means it is dated 13 May 1989. Can’t guarantee that though. A few minuscule nicks and a slightly larger dint on the lower horn (see picture). Some scratching to the fretboard due to a previous owner using rounds, but for a 29 year old bass, this is in great condition. 34 ins scale, 19mm spacing, 45mm at nut, 80mm at 24th fret. Weight around 8lbs. Ash body, maple neck, rosewood board, 2 band active, adjustable mid boost and total output. Strung with new TI flats. Comes with the original Yamaha hard case also in great condition. You won’t see many of these early models up for sale and the value is increasing and will likely continue to..because they are awesome. I am only selling because this bass deserves to be played by someone much more proficient than me, and because I have amassed more basses than I have room for now and am under strict orders to cull😢. That said, I am in no hurry, so I don’t intend to lower the price and I doubt this will be bumped a lot. No experience of trading, so it would have to be someone reasonably near, and actually, I am only after a decent fretted 5 string, JV jazz, or a good combo in mint condition. So much prefer a sale. Same goes for collection although posting isn’t completely out of the question, but cost is not included in the price. Thanks for looking. David
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    Can’t find a thread dedicated to gig pics so thought it was worth starting one. Anything goes from phone pics to full on art shots. A couple to start, one by a mate and one grabbed by myself as we were getting ready.
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    Unpretentiousness...best word to describe this great little amp. Ideal for the practice room, which was our use for it. Active and Passive input, Gain, Pre-shape, Low boost, 7 band EQ, High boost, Line in & out, headphones jack and DI. And £30 collected so the price of 8 poncy Starbucks lattes! All working, missing knob for pre-shape, but control still working. Heavy, but not murderously so. 80 Watts, 15” speaker. Can go loud and give some welly when required.
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    PRICE NOW £550 plus p&p 70s style Fender Precision CIJ with US pickups. Built in 1993/4 Unique feature is that it has reversed pickups fitted from factory (i.e. It's totally clean under the pick guard). Very good condition , a couple of small marks on the end of the headstock. Lovely solid , well built and finished 70s style P bass. Collection preferred (location KT10) but can arrange to ship in an old hard case for protection (which has broken catches) at buyers expense , this bass however really needs to be seen to be appreciated, it will not disappoint. Pictures done by me on my phone and don't really do it justice (for example the darker patches must be a trick of the light) Will be sold with a set of used but fairly new roundwound strings on
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    Hey folks! Ok, so ages ago I promised (and let the side down) that I would re-do my TC Electronic Sub n' Up patches and share the settings with you. Well, ok so it didn't happen and I ended up finishing recording the biggest album of the year instead* So, in an attempt to pull my finger out (and take six months to complete this task) I want to see if we can emulate the sounds of some of our favourite Octave pedals using the stonking Sub'n'Up pedal and it's deeply delving TonePrint Editor app. Here's what I need: The sound of a dry bass recorded through the octave pedal of choice direct in to an interface (no amp please). Preferably with a P bass or J bass with all controls all the way open. I want to hear dry only and wet only sounds and a 50/50 mix. Wav files would be ideal but 320k MP3 of course would be a smaller file size. I'll then see what I can rustle up this end - and hopefully if I do finally get a new camera, a nice video to go with it too, like my bass chat review vids. What do you all think? @Al Krow I know you've been very patient! Dooooooood. *give it another 8 months, maybe!
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    Here is my absolutely beautiful Bass Doc 60's Precision. It is awesome and without doubt the best Precision I have had. I bought this from Pestie off the site last year and it has been gigged a handful of times, it sounds great.. This bass looks, plays and sounds amazing, it balances perfectly and weighs approx 3.5kg on my bathroom scales. Here are the specifications provided on the original ad: Fender 62 reissue body Allparts Jazz neck with slab board Fender vintage bridge Antiquity pick up Bass Doc Tortie scratch plate Gotoh reverse tuners Fender neck plate OBBM loom D'addario 40 -100 nickel wounds This is a sale only because I have my P bass needs covered with a Yamaha BB and just need to move one out to create some space. There is a Fender gig bag with the bass. I live in Milton Keynes and would ideally like this collected. I am willing to travel a reasonable distance if that helps and I will courier at the buyers expense if needed although I will need to get a box for shipping. Thanks for looking. I would like £550 please and it's worth every penny and more. NO TRADES THANK YOU.
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    Hi guys, thinning out my collection as there’s a Ken Smith I want to buy and I need the cash. This is my upgraded MTD Kingston heir. The bass is in a great shape apart from the dent on the headstock that can be seen on the photo and another scratch that I’ll fotograph if anyone is interested. Upgrades Bartolini pickups Bartolini Preamp Series - parallel - single coil switch Fret job done by Bernie Goodfellow, allowing for very low strings action. Its an an amazing bass that I would love to keep if I didn’t have to raise £5k for a Smith. Based in west london but i travel often for gigs. No postage. Price drop to £750 Steff
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    Being, originally, a Spanish company I'd say so. I quite like the Spanish pronunciation.
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    At the danger of getting this thread back on track, I see that Yamaha have announced the new DZR range to their powered PA kit. Given that I'm finding my way around my Helix (Yamaha own Line 6) and that our band PA is a full Yammy system too, I can't help thinking that I might like to try out a fully DSP controlled monitor instead of my backline.
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    I put a couple of inch high rubber feet on the top of my cab near the rear edge, which my amp rests against.
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    Have lifted bass over my head triumphantly at climax of final song at a gig in Derry and smashed it straight into the venue's lighting rig. Nice.
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    Just testing whether our swear filter falls for the "Scunthorpe effect". Apparently quite a lot of them do. My mother once spotted a church calendar marking the saint's day of St Michael and All Angles. She insisted that made him the patron saint of geometry. I knew a law student whose spell-checker changed statutes to statues. I can't be the only one of us who's been described as playing base.
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    I think that's the nicest looking Precision I've seen.
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    Thanks for the heads up. Will be in front of the TV for that. Never has a bad bass player either. Bumped into Rand Hope-Taylor in the gallery the other day. Top bloke and absolute gent.
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    Through the ages...
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    No, 'twas a lovely '91 Essence from Bass Connection. Very pleased with it
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    Here are a couple from a recent tour in Europe.
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    Just sold some stingray parts to Ovi. An all round good egg, swift payment and no problems for me. Please deal with confidence.
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    Lie Chester Square in London is unpronounceable!
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    Don’t get me started on Morrischick basses.
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    Moi aussi i already have two basses and I’m building a third and suspect that SWMBO will also say that’s enough - for the playing that I actually do, I agree
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    Since my all valve amp head is stored at the rehearsal studio, I decided to get a cheap solid state amp for use at home. I've always loved the look of the Acoustic Control stuff from the 1970s, so I bought a model 140. Despite being the amps of choice for many top flight bassists back in the late 60s and 70s, they sell for very low prices these days. I guess it's the valve versus solid state thing, where many assume a completely solid state amp is not going to have any character or sound too quiet. Well, this beast is not only full of character, it's also unbelievably loud. It's supposed to be used with a 4ohm load for peak output, so I initially set it up to use two 16ohm 18" speaker cabs to get an 8 ohm load. It was so staggeringly loud that I'm now using it with one cab for a 16ohm load and even then the volume is only at 10% before it's loud enough to shake the walls of my music room. Not bad for an amp that supposed to only be rated for 120 watts!
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    Heres a few..... herald30 by Jon Ashbee, on Flickr Britannia 6 by Jon Ashbee, on Flickr Untitled by Jon Ashbee, on Flickr herald23 by Jon Ashbee, on Flickr herald47 by Jon Ashbee, on Flickr
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    No prob at all!
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    Sounded more like a turbo charged Flea to me. Shame, I reckon backing off of the gain a fair bit and playing a Ricky that might just get a fairly decent Lemmy sound.
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    You should have broken it first...might have got more for it..
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    A pre-CBS precision is my holy grail. My friend's refinished '64 is the finest bass I've ever laid hands on. Maybe a Celinder P given the 2nd best bass I ever played was a Celinder Jazz (the Skarbee Celinder that was owned by a few guys on here over the years but has gone into hiding more recently). Having owned a Wal (and played a few more) I'd suggest you speak to Alan at ACG... Much more flexible in terms of available options and, to me at least, a much more pleasing end result.
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    Not for commercial use So pretty pointless really
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    A Squier. No question. Frankly any type of Squier. Just so long as it's a Squier. Of 231 BC poll respondents, 93.51% said that you could do pretty much anything with a Squier. Unfortunately, I wasn't aware of these important facts on my 50th and had to make do and mend with a Sandberg. I guess if I hadn't come across this ground breaking piece of research about Squiers, I might still be tempted by a Yamaha BBNE2 (black or white but probably not the limited edition grey). But no longer, only a Squier will now do...and frankly I don't even care even if it's been relic'd. At heart it will still be a Squier.
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    plain black or brown tort I tort I saw a meow meow cat.......realy? we can't say p u s s y cat?
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    I've used black, white and copper nylons from La Bella. Absolutely superb strings. Smooth, low tension but high gauge so you can really dig in. Last a lifetime. The white nylons remain my string of choice for fretless.
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    Listening to the whole Roxy Music back catalog. Saw Ferry at the City Hall in Newcastle on Sunday and it fired up my latent "Roxy" gene. The music is still quirky, surprising, weird and relevant 45 years on.
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    Well, they arrived today and took all of 10 minutes to fit straight out of the packet. Several first impressions: the black look is so much better than the off-white/cream look of standard Thunderguts. They don't need pre-stretching when you wind them onto the machine heads. Just load 'em up like normal strings - I had to shorten the E string otherwise you get two many winds and it looks all wrong plus it lifted clear off the nut. Took a couple inches off and that fixed it. The other strings were fine, full length. They are nice and smooth - at least as good as the Pahoehoe strings, I think, maybe even better. The tone so far seems really good. They've only been on a few hours (and it is the hottest day of the year so far) so it's too early to judge how they'll settle in. Unlike the standards, the E & A strings do actually seem to slide over the nut when you wind them up. Current on Amazon.co.uk at £22.40 inc. delivery, so a bargain price. My impression so far is that Aquila have a winner here. I'll report later after things settle and I've gigged with them.
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    Very good price ! Such nice basses ! I wish, I wish...... GLWTS (unlined ?)
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    It's Chown. Not Chowny. And Stephen. Not Steve. ;-) That aside - don't count on a reliable source of the long scale Semi-Acoustic cases. We got them from the factory in China, and we've moved production for the 2018 stuff to India. So I find myself in a position of being unable to supply cases for my own guitars. Awkward.
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