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    Hi Having borrowed Pete's piccolo bass for the SW Bass Bash and having not yet delivered the 6-string electric I've just finished for my sister-in-law, I had a once-off opportunity to photo the three related lightweight builds together. Here they are: Left to right: The piccolo bass designed and built for our band's bassist Pete. Tuned to guitar pitch but sounds much more like a bass. Multi scale from 25" to 26" Total playing weight 5 1/2lb The 6-string electric built for me. The piccolo was so comfortable to play and sounded so good, I thought I'd try a 6-string version for my own use. 25" scale Total playing weight just under 6lb The 6 string electric just finished for my sister in law. Slightly slimmer (they are all around 1" thick) and designed for full fret access and thumb anchor up to the 24th fret for playing lead. 25" scale Total playing weight 5 1/4lb They are all through neck and feature a convex top and concave back: Those who tried the piccolo at the bash will know that, although it is at guitar pitch, it doesn't sound at all like the bottom 4 strings of a 6-string...it very much has it's very own bassy sound. For the electric 6 strings, I was curious whether 'lightweight and thin' would affect tone at all so I lent the middle one to a number of regular giggers I know. The general consensus is that it cuts through just as well as any of the strats and Les Pauls they would usually be using. Not at all scientific, of course, but there is no apparent loss of clarity or gravitas. The new one on the right hand side of the pic sounds brighter acoustically, but exactly the same through an amp. They are, of course, much lighter on the neck strap than most electrics and when the guinea-pigs later strapped their normal guitars back on, they all reported thinking various combinations of 'WHAT THE ****??' And they were trying out the heavier one of the three It's been a great experiment that may well continue to evolve Andy
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    All the talk of Mouradian basses over at Build Diaries got me thinking about Extreme, and Pat Badger specifically. I remembered seeing their set at the Freddie gig in 1992, and looked it up on YouTube to reacquaint myself with it. I’m glad I did; Extreme were on fire that day, they absolutely nailed it. It’s too good not to share...
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    Paul and Fiona have spoken and sung at our church several times. Lovely couple and a great evening of music and testimony. First time they came we backed them for the worship session so they came along to the rehearsal/soundcheck on the Sunday afternoon. That whizzed through no problems so when our regular Worship Leader said, “All done” there was plenty of time left. Paul looked round at the rest of the band, drew a harmonica from his back pocket and said, “Well, anyone fancy a little blues in G then?” Etched in my memory as one of my best ever playing experiences!!!!
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    look, no bass amp - i was feeling sorry for the two guitarists having to lug all their amps, cabs and mega pedalboards etc (but only for a bit)....IEMs and Helix for the win !
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    And here’s a publicity shot of the aforementioned:
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    1978 Fender Jazz Bass. Very good condition, includes original bridge cover, original scratch plate and screws, has had input jack replaced but will include original part. Case for illustrative purposes. Genuine reason for sale as I've got 2 other Jazz basses (MIM/CS) and it's a shame that this gets used least, so I'm being sensible. I'll be sad to see it go but I'd like someone else to get some use out of it. Has recently been set-up and restrung by KGB in Birkenhead. No rush to sell, looking for offers in the region of £2000 - you are welcome to try it in person, I'm local to Chester/M56. Not really looking for PX, but never say never. Can supply further pics and info on request.
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    I found a couple of photos recently which I thought I’d share, I don’t know if they might be of interest to any of you. It’s my dad, Martyn Gibson, who played bass in the early sixties, before marriage and fatherhood took over. Dad played in a band in Stafford from 1963 to 1965, initially they were called The Countdowns, later The Sneakers, and they played originals and covers, a bit of RnB (Ray Charles etc). They played all around the Midlands. They supported Johnny Kidd and The Pirates, and often played with a band from Leicester who went one to become some of Showaddywaddy. My dad’s first bass was (possibly) a Hagstrom PB-24-G; from my research they were also branded Kent and Selmer but he can’t remember and the headstock isn’t visible in order to identify it properly, but as The Beatles became popular he splashed out on a Hofner 500/1. The shop in Stafford (H.E.Parkes & Sons of St Marys Gate, Stafford) ordered it direct from Hofner in Germany with a hard case for forty pounds (or guineas, he can’t remember). How I wish he’d kept it! He had a Vox amp (didn’t everyone then?) but he can’t remember exactly which model.
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    Got my eye on something so need to sell some gear first! custom build precision , zebra wood body, dimarzio P pickup, fender humbucker bridge pickup (both pups have coil split capabilities but presently wired straight) CTS pots volume/tone with 3-way mini toggle for pup select. Allparts neck jazz profile, gotoh reverse wind machineheads, schaller 3D bridge, warwick strap locks. plays and sounds awesome, looking for £400
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    Classic jazz bass. Beautiful, Japanese craftsmanship. It has an upgraded bridge to Hipshot Kickass (original included in sale) and a custom 3ply cream white pickguard (£70) from Jack’s instruments in Manchester. Very little use. No scratches or imperfections. Ash body, maple neck with rosewood fretboard, walnut finish. Slim C neck profile, very easy to play. Comes with a generic hard case, not the one on the picture (actually doesn't fit into this one) and original black 1ply scratchplate.
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    Hi all. In my 74th year and still playing, I have never really recovered from the theft of my '77 Stingray some 15 years ago. I used to be a "one bass guy" but since that time I have never really felt so "at home" again and have been through a handful of basses since, though choice limited by pension and her indoors. I did manage to land a year of issue Sabre bass from US but it didn't quite hit the button. So.......... the purpose of this thread is to ask if anyone out there has been able to A/B a pre EB S'Ray with a post EB S'Ray and their conclusions. The date of any compared basses would be useful. I know I should be over this by now, they are only peaces of wood, but heart refuses to be ruled by head !!
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    Hi Tom, is this the teal 2eq one? Still have her and she is lovely. If I do decide to sell, you get first dibs 😊
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    Nooooooooo. Heavy amp, light cabs. Two Midgets on their sides with the TE atop. Will scare people. Just make sure you use each Midget on its own amp channel for max heft.
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    Oh my. That’s my favourite look for a jazz bass; 3TSB with no pickguard and an all-maple neck with white block inlays. Going for a lie down 🤪
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    I always wanted to be a drummer but back in the day they were expensive, to noisy for a semi on a housing estate, and without transport a none starter. So I learned to play guitar and sing. I was in bands from the age of 14 singing and playing guitar, but I was always a drummer at heart. I play bass now, in one band, and drums in another. I have always had a guitar and have a strum sometimes but my heart is in drumming, and bass.
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    Why on earth would you need to comment on cat pictures using messenger? Our singer has a facebook account but only uses it for messenger, which was great. But now the guitarist decided he didn't want to be on facebook, so we have to use whatsapp, which is less good. Sure as hell wouldn't want to have to ring people because they can't go on facebook without getting absorbed in cat pictures!
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    Messenger's great for running the band. one message to all members who can pick it up at their leisure. It's a good tool.
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    People using band rehearsal to learn the songs
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    Wow! That is some impressive detective work, by you, MrWalker. And a good observation from bassassasin as well on the scarf joint.😀 It looks that the only differences between the '98 and the one on sake in Norway are the colour and the headstock logo. Still puzzled by the Warwick back cover, though.
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    More to the point, how do they get away with an all female orchestra in this day and age?
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    I do depending on the song. Don't think there's any need for worry about fret damage unless you're constantly touring. and if they get damaged, there's always that amazing feeling of Euphoria aka GAS.
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    £9500? Not sure I can count that high to Bassie.
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    https://www.gak.co.uk/en/epiphone-premium-solidbody-bass-guitar-gigbag/901767?gclid=Cj0KCQjwzcbWBRDmARIsAM6uChXEJdgk9DgYwNumbLS9dIBSGkk3yvEuTlttcfLvVWZ825E-r4XyvuYaAthGEALw_wcB I use this one. Little bit of a tight fit to get the zipper over the widest part of the body, but not too bad. Nicely padded and plenty of room for straps, cables etc.
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    Any more puns like that and I shall call The Police.
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    In the 97 catalog, this bass appears for the first time. I don't think it's there earlier. Obviously this is the basis for the model above. I also found Basstec pickups in the catalogs (I think it was in the 96 catalog). Maybe the model here was an attempt to make an improved model for the Western markets. I don't know.
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    bummer, it's harder to isolate the fault when it only occurs now and then. Just had a thought, check the bridge ground wire is in good contact with the bridge, this is often overlooked. Even if you take it to a tech they may not find it, in which case a rewire would be in order. Or buy a new loaded control plate/ pickguard?
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    I prefer a satin finish when having a painted finish but when I did one with a gloss finish I used meguiars ultimate compound polish as I found it not as harsh as t-cut
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    Got the Vitoos DC8 power supply in today. What they don’t show in any of the photos is the text that says that the last six outlets are isolated from A&B. So, I got my money’s worth, but I’m debating sending it back simply because it really is false advertising. But it’s also cheap, fits on the board and does what I need it to; everything is dead quiet now that I’ve figured out which pedal needed to be totally isolated.
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    I have never played guitar. My fingers just aren't long enough. Only occasionally found it to be a problem, usually when a guitarist tries to show me chords at a jam. I always reply, just tell me the chords. Interesting thing is that sometimes they don't know what they are called.
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    Simplified things a little but very happy with this.
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    Didn't think I'd be posting the words 'I AM A BENDER' today, yet here we are.
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    It's a great way of adding expression along with slides, pulls, hammer-ons/offs, slaps, taps, etc etc etc... Why would you not do it?
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    I didn't find it that controversial to be honest. I understand what he's saying about needing different techniques for different situations and agree 100% with his sentiments regarding the fact that live your tone is either made or lost by the person on the mixing desk.
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    Sold! Thank you all for your interest
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    Good afternoon, Ric, and ... Plenty to read and amuse you here, and lots to learn and share.
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    I don't know why but whenever I read the word 'peccadillo' which, to be fair, isn't that often, I always get these images in my head in true Reggie Perrin fashion.
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    Great idea. It also really confuses people when they borrow your amp - they sound terrible! Bonus.
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    With money tight I’m offering up my recently finished twin precision! specs: 2 piece alder body flamed maple jazz profile neck with rosewood board squire CV jazz machineheads Vintage threaded saddle bridge 3ply tort pickguard neck pickup is an old 80’s squire pickup bridge pickup is a hand wired Jess Loureiro pickup controls are CTS V/T with a 3-way mini toggle switch giving bridge/bridge&neck/neck configuration additional routing and set up done by bassdoc ive a 60’s style ‘F’ logo decal which I’ve not put in yet but will include looking for £400 to recoup costs
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    Cheers Al. Totally hear what you are saying, however this is a signature amp built for Geezer Butler.... Built precisely to what Geezer and his tech required with some input from us of course and the Slave Outputs were/are important to what they want. Nothing about the amp was specified down to 'felt like a good idea at the time' I promise. This was never a project to just stick an artists name on a load of existing amps and just take peoples money like one of our competitors in particular may have just done.... with that I guess they have to make the money back they are paying him somehow... ;-) Main point is that anyone buying a Head Of Doom is getting exactly the same amp as Geezer is using built by one of the same two people who built Geezers not a watered down version with his name on.
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    All our valve amps 100w and upwards are 100% built by us on site at HQ in Essex, Always have been and all being well Always will be. Happy for anyone to come and visit and watch one being built(BUILT not ASSEMBLED) from start to finish

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