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    So - this happened yesterday, these were the sellers pics but you get the idea! Most folks on here know how good these are and I've wanted one for a while now. Judging by the serial it appears to be a 2013 build, and the fit and finish really are fantastic. Showed up locally on the Facebook marketplace and I was quick! Should put the GAS for a Pino signature to rest (for a while anyway!). I plan to put some TI Flats on it, give it a setup and that's about it really, possibly some flat top knobs but it's great as it is. May consider upgrading the loom to a Kiogon job in the future. Doesn't seem to need it but, you know....
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    Well I used it in one of Alan’s ACGs on display at the show, this one to be exact - http://www.acguitars.co.uk/project/0282-retrob-5-2/ I’d imagine John East must still be making these preamps otherwise Alan wouldn’t be able to keep making the basses? @skelf?
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    The question is very strange. The idea that something which occurs naturally can be "wrong" is bizarre and how does one define "wrong"? It's like saying "Is the existence of trees wrong?"
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    I can't explain how to keep it under control. However, I will say that if you have more money than sense, soon you won't have. Deal with that now, or you'll wind up like me, with an angry bank manager and more basses than I know what to do with. Disposal decisions: Anything you're not playing can go. Anything you're sure you won't need in the next six months can be got rid of, unless it's impossible to find another or it's actually appreciating.
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    Smoothound for me: never a single dropout or blip, and verrrry small, too...you can bend the budget slightly and buy new, too...
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    Not one for overgeneralisation then PC? I’m pretty sure that everyone over the age of 55 doesn’t read the Daily Mail and exhibit a lack of capacity to access and interpret the internet. Similarly I’m sure not everyone under the age of 25 uses ‘of’ in place of ‘have’......
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    In the past 7 months I have been lucky enough to get hold of 2 USA made Peavey Foundation basses, for less than the cost of a MIM Fender Precision or Jazz. Though hand on heart I prefer the 80's version more than the 90's version. I have asked kodiakblair for his advice as I am planning on selling the 92 Foundation, but I'm unsure that the neck is as it should be. So I will get it checked by a professional as I wouldn't want to sell someone a project bass, unless they want one so here are my 1986 & 1992 Peavey Foundations together for the first & only time.
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    Hey I was shopping this week for a shortscale, but instead of splurging on something classier I decided on a Jackson Minion... It’s awesome.
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    He has a beard, is wearing his cap backwards and is driving on the wrong side of the road too. That's 3 things, what do I win?

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