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    Not helping is certain areas of the press whipping up their hysteria on a daily basis.
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    It shouldn't really matter - in an idea world. My opening gambit has always been - "I don't like football and I don't drink". Best to get these things out of the way ;-)
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    Pruning the heard sounds like you're cutting back on what you listen to ...
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    My opinion? If you can afford it, keep as many as you enjoy owning. If the time comes when finances get tight, or you want/need to put the money into something else, sell the ones you like the least. Frank.
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    I love mine. They seem to be getting quite popular to be honest, although I’ve been actively looking into them I notice them being made by more manufacturers. Sting normally copies me anyway.
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    I bought myself a wireless kit, so that I can stand still in different places.
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    It's in page 16 of the big Smoothhound Innovations thread in Accessories and Misc. I tried to post a link, but the stupid forum software replaces it with a picture of the first post in the thread.
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    Hardly...it's pretty juvenile and insulting to conflate being transgender with being promiscuous.
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    So - this happened yesterday, these were the sellers pics but you get the idea! Most folks on here know how good these are and I've wanted one for a while now. Judging by the serial it appears to be a 2013 build, and the fit and finish really are fantastic. Showed up locally on the Facebook marketplace and I was quick! Should put the GAS for a Pino signature to rest (for a while anyway!). I plan to put some TI Flats on it, give it a setup and that's about it really, possibly some flat top knobs but it's great as it is. May consider upgrading the loom to a Kiogon job in the future. Doesn't seem to need it but, you know....
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    I’m not sure how active he is at the moment. I sent him a PM regarding my issue a number of days ago and he hasn’t picked it up yet. I approached D’addario USA on Twitter who must have forwarded my issue to the UK branch as that’s where my new strings came from.
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    Well I used it in one of Alan’s ACGs on display at the show, this one to be exact - http://www.acguitars.co.uk/project/0282-retrob-5-2/ I’d imagine John East must still be making these preamps otherwise Alan wouldn’t be able to keep making the basses? @skelf?
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    I'd like to think the music industry is an area where you would encounter less intolerance to gender, sexuality, race, colour, whatever differences folks might have than a lot of other areas. Music has brought together all manner of different folks and pushed the boundaries and lead the way as far as all these issues are concerned. A lot of the time being a positive driving force in a negative era. I probably haven't quite explained myself well, maybe not using the correct terminology but hopefully you get my meaning.
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    The question is very strange. The idea that something which occurs naturally can be "wrong" is bizarre and how does one define "wrong"? It's like saying "Is the existence of trees wrong?"
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    As I said, it's a generalisation, I don't for one second think young people are blameless. You could also argue that it would be difficult for a frail wheezy 84 year old homophobe to go gay-bashing, because he would have trouble making it out of the front door, let alone punch anyone in the face. But see actual data for shifting attitudes below: ...but of course, more importantly, we all know the demographic divide of the recent 'big' thing we all voted on, after which attitudes (and brains) regressed and we got plunged back into the dark ages. Not a coincidence.
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    I can't explain how to keep it under control. However, I will say that if you have more money than sense, soon you won't have. Deal with that now, or you'll wind up like me, with an angry bank manager and more basses than I know what to do with. Disposal decisions: Anything you're not playing can go. Anything you're sure you won't need in the next six months can be got rid of, unless it's impossible to find another or it's actually appreciating.
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    Itsmedunc had two of these I bought the other one. They are fantastic cabs lightweight loud tight punchy i love mine gigged it last night
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    It took me a year to train her and she doesn't set anything up, lol.
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    Too true, I was thinking exactly the same thing just the other night when there was a BBC news report on homophobia where CCTV footage depicted a 20 year old smash a glass in to someone's face because he was holding hands with his partner. Oh wait a minute, I was thinking the exact opposite, that we now have a completely new generation of intolerant homophobic and racist biggots that apparently have no boundaries when it comes to inflicting violence on others. As far as I'm concened, my generation is not the problem.
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    Smoothound for me: never a single dropout or blip, and verrrry small, too...you can bend the budget slightly and buy new, too...
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    Pedal-wise, i take wireless output into tuner, tuner out goes via cable into preamp and pedals are on preamp fx loop.
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    Especially the Sting bit.
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    Not one for overgeneralisation then PC? I’m pretty sure that everyone over the age of 55 doesn’t read the Daily Mail and exhibit a lack of capacity to access and interpret the internet. Similarly I’m sure not everyone under the age of 25 uses ‘of’ in place of ‘have’......
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    In the past 7 months I have been lucky enough to get hold of 2 USA made Peavey Foundation basses, for less than the cost of a MIM Fender Precision or Jazz. Though hand on heart I prefer the 80's version more than the 90's version. I have asked kodiakblair for his advice as I am planning on selling the 92 Foundation, but I'm unsure that the neck is as it should be. So I will get it checked by a professional as I wouldn't want to sell someone a project bass, unless they want one so here are my 1986 & 1992 Peavey Foundations together for the first & only time.
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    I like to move around but the music stand is a beach to coordinate.... so I stand looking bored.
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    Aaaaaaaargh 😎🎸
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    I was about in those days and remember only too well what things were really like.The mid - to - late 1970's in Britain is not a time I am particularly nostalgic about, for all kinds of reasons. School disco dancing exhibitions would be one of those reasons. I also remember the BritFunk movement all too well. Sorry to say it, but much of that music was a second-rate imitation of it's more sophisticated American inspiration. Listening back now, most has not aged well. A very notable exception would be the Average White Band. They were one ( perhaps the only one ) of the very few British bands who were playing funk/soul music in such an authentic and convincing manner that they enjoyed great success in the USA. They were also notable in that they attracted a multi-racial audience in America - a phenomenon far less common in the 70's than now. American listeners thought AWB's music sounded just as good as it's US equivalent. Also, it is my recollection that people were well aware of the jazz funk and soul music that was coming out of the USA during that era. It certainly wasn't like today where you can go on Youtube and get slapping lessons from Victor Wooten, but records featuring bass techniques like slapping were everywhere. When I had my first bass lessons in a provincial town in the North of England about 40 years ago, the chap giving me tuition knew all about slapping and his technique was perfectly legitimate and correct. It might not have been the information age we live in now, but players still had enough ingenuity and know-how to work out how to play new techniques. In fact, I would venture that musicians were actually better at working out things by ear precisely because they weren't being spoonfed as they are today.
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    Wish it was. Probably a bit harsh, I know, but I don't know of anyone under 25 who even remotely cares about sexual orientation, gender or race. Sexual orientation is largely a problem for old people. As mentioned above, the media that old people rely on for information definitely doesn't help. In fact one of the main reasons behind the current big divide between generations is that traditional media is almost completely ignored by young people, so their impression of the world is completely different to those who still read newspapers and watch tv. Now this is obviously a generalization - there are exceptions, but in generational terms the division is clear.
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    If she has the vocal talent and a stage presence to connect with the audience, who cares about her sexuality? It's irrelevant. Which of us would have turned down an opportunity to be the bassist in Prince's backing group?
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    New Mexico is one of my favorite places in the World. Absolutely love it. Where are you from?
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    Sad to say there's a lot of truth in some of the comments above. Having just gone through a painful 7 month search for a new singer though I know how hard it is to find a good vocalist (and we were very much too fond a really good one in the end). Plenty of averagely mediocre singers (and with disproportionate egos in most cases too) but good ones are really hard to come by. If she is one of the good ones then I sincerely hope she's given the same chances as anyone else - although I suspect there is still a lot of bigotry out there to be overcome.
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    Smooth hound, great system and even better service.
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    Not sure if this helpful or not, but it gives some idea of what these basses sound like ...
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    Fear & Hatred sells unfortunately
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    At least you can persuade your missus to go to a bass store! I posted a short BBNE2 review above which may be of interest but I suspect won't help your GAS!! Well I almost (should have?!) bought your Glockenlang amp off you last year, so if you do get a (white or possibly black, but not silver grey please!) BBNE2 and decide to move it on I won't make the same mistake twice
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    @luckman67 I'll PM you this afternoon. My old brain is finally starting to work
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    Yeah, good cymbals really make a difference to the sound of a band - in an old band of mine the drummer was pretty much like many of us on here, buying top range gear, and his whole kit sounded amazing. In fact our producer preferred our drummers kit & cymbals to his own. The cymbals just sounded lush, where I have heard some that sound like rotten tin plates being hit.
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    Sold as a lightweight cab maybe?
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    Thankfully nowhere near me or I'd be having a falling out with my bank account!
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    Well, if @ambient would like to send his address, I'm sure I can dig out some ashes. Very surprised though. But if you're paying $10k for some of their basses, I guess you will see strings as more than a small detail. Fair play to them.
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    Somebody owes someone a granny!
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    Another kebab procurement fail in Failsworth. New gig for us so nothing to go on. Couldn't find any where despite taking a couple of detours down some likely looking main roads. The day was saved by the 24 hour McDonalds on the east lancs road that usually pulls us out of the mire when we're in the kebabless wastelands of Lowton Cheshire. Went for the big tasty meal and it was indeed big, and it was indeed tasty. This kind of apocalyptic post gig hunt is getting worryingly regular.
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    With regard to the 1x12 shootout, I am amazed at the response. What we have discussed is to have maybe three 1x 12 cabs in the room all day and have “guest” spot whereby anytime can bring their cab in to compare against the other three. One cab will be a mid priced commercial cab, one will be one of the Basschat 1x12 cabs one will be a boutique cab and there will be the guest spot. However if we get enough cabs we could change the format slightly. Although each cab will be fed the same signal during the shootouts, there will be a bass amp connected to each for noodling when no shootout is in progress. This will also allow Jabbs, Andy and others to dem their basses outside of the main hall. I have devised a way to take the human element out of the shootout but will disclose that on the day. It looks like we may have a few Barefaced variants, a Greenboy design and an SWR , a TKS , a TC and that should be plenty to go on with. I must reiterate though that the idea is not to prove any particular cab is best but to really find out whether lots of money or lots of time and effort are substantially better than a commercial cab. Looking forward to it immensely.
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    The neck pocket will work out to be 125mm which will be 25mm longer than on the original body
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    Also I’m thinking ‘waste not want not’ as IMO the body was too small for a bass body it will be a good size for an electric guitar so I’m going reuse the body with some old guitar parts I have laying about And see how it turns out.....
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    Hey I was shopping this week for a shortscale, but instead of splurging on something classier I decided on a Jackson Minion... It’s awesome.
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    Not sure he really ruined it - it wasn't good to start with, it wasn't good when he finished, and he seemed to enjoy doing it. That sounds pretty good for $5!
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    He has a beard, is wearing his cap backwards and is driving on the wrong side of the road too. That's 3 things, what do I win?
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