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    Great thread! Find a problem, try to throw money / gadgets at it before realising the simple solution! "My new bass is too bassy!" "What new pedal shall I buy to fix this?" "Lets come up with an uber patch that uses an LPF and multiple parametric EQs!" "Hmm, I'll just turn down the bass on my amp."
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    OK...so it wasn't technically today but I wanted to at least get a gig under my belt before shouting about it! Limelight 69 P Bass in aged Charcoal Frost. Plays beautifully and is quite a stunner. Looks like a different colour depending on the light!
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    Not quite the same as a neon pink G string so, pass. Sorry. It's completely the wrong gauge for my cleft.
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    If you're playing in Europe, you probably need to know 'The Final Countdown'. Well, someone had to say it 😁
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    Just to get back on track, I'm thinking of ordering another Mike Lull with a bradypus pygmaeus body, a brachylophus top and a honey badger fingerboard.
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    Any excuse to pop a picture of this 1981 SBR-150
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    Bought a Grizzly pedal from @Jackemmings, good comms and arrived swiftly. Was wrapped in 3 or 4 distinct individually taped layers of wrapping that made me feel like I was winning a game of pass the parcel when I opened it, which instilled a sense of childhood joy. Recommended.
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    We now have a great photo from Bleat! Which makes the above messages somewhat mystifying to anyone arriving here now. Which is perfectly fine
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    I started this thread ages ago as a response to a couple of 'Isn't Jaco great' and 'Macca's the best, yes?' topics. Tongue firmly in cheek. I love The Sex Pistols and am saddened by what happened in the short time he had left following the bands' demise. I was only 8 when he died but I remember it being reported on the news as if it were yesterday. I had to ask my mum what heroin was. Poor old (young) Sid.
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    Ah, you're a gent. I'm sure they'll get here tomorrow. I'll let you know.
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    id be thinking of using it in this band, its way more experimental than most but i bet theres a few sounds i could use in my more normal bands which are the other two links.
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    I've recorded 3 minutes of silence for this one.
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    Bass heaven - Instrument at waist height. Bass hell - Instrument at chest or knee height.
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    Probably going to get shot down for this but I'm not convinced that Sid made any contribution to Bass. Yes, he played with The Sex Pistols but was more a showman than a performer/musician, ask the layman on the street what instrument he played, I bet very few would actually know. I think unless they were actually into Punk many would confuse Sid with John, thinking that he was the lead singer, as he did sing on "My Way". Secondly, though JJB and Paul Simonon are often quoted, I don't think I've heard anybody cite Sid as the reason they started playing Bass. I believe Sid's contribution to music was more symbolic, somebody who you could identify, or identify with, somebody who represented the Punk movement rather than contributed to the Music, perhaps in the same way as Malcolm McLaren and Vivian Westwood can be associated with Punk. The Face of Punk possibly....innovator of Bass??? Naaaaa
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    Bass heaven Bob Babbitt. Bass hell - Marcus Miller slapping on a Jeff Healey performance of See the Light.
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    Heaven- tommy cogbill, duck Dunn, chuck Rainey. Hell- slappity slappity slappity slappity, especially on gear demos.
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    Heaven - Drummers who can play and understand the relationship between drum and bass. Hell - Drummers that can't count, can't play in time, follow the vocals rather than beats or time and make it up as they go making it different every time.
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    I used to rehearse with mine where there was an electronic drum kit and it was just about OK. However, with an acoustic kit it would've been lost completely. At a gig, it'd be fine as a monitor if you use the DI out into the PA. Great sounding practice amp, it really retains the nuances of the instrument's tone, especially piezo equipped basses.
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    I tried with bass guitar and double bass. Its a great little thing but I couldn't use it for anything but the smallest gigs with the most attentive of audiences. May work better if you can DI into a house PA etc but I couldn't make it work..especially if it was a venue I didn't know well in advance. My best experience was with an acoustic bass guitar - it was easy to tuck behind the chair so it was invisible, and it actually felt like the bass was making a good acoustic sound (which it can't do!).
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    @NancyJohnson I was there for the shootout that @Lozz196 did, and it was, indeed behind a curtain. Over all the basses, the ones with the Rosewood necks were all distinctively had more bite in the sound. The maple neck basses were all more thuddy. I liked the maple necks, much to my surprise, as I've never owned one.
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    I can't see anything saying they want to rehearse every week. I too think rehearsals are just one of those things, not something I'd do if I didn't need to but I'll do them cheerfully when necessary. The caveats are far from unreasonable, I read it as multiple bands are ok just make sure you've got some time for this and you wouldn't be taking on too much if you joined this band as well. The communication thing is reasonable too. If it takes you 3 days to respond then your pretty much out of the question for any team activity to be honest. The last one is applicable to any band. Les (who wouldn't be interested in this band either)
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    The tension is exactly the same all over Europe (220~240 Volts). So all you'll need is a decent plug adaptor able to manage the amperage of your devices, so avoid the cheap ones. And by the way, UK is in Europe.
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    Sounds like the perfect support for 36 Crazy Fists!
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    Clean and simple. It's a beaut.
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    We did a maple/rosewood shootout and whilst not getting people to guess which was which, the overwhelming fave on each category - Precision/Jazz/Ray etc - after playing one maple, one rosewood of the same bass was rosewood. We tried to keep as near as possible, but obviously strings/year of manufacture can all get in the way of pure objectivity but, even then, rosewood triumphed across the board (pardon the pun).
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    Had a solo gig at a ski resort here in Maine 17 years ago. Played on the mountain at the main rest/bar Fri. and Sat. nights all winter. They comped me supper and a ski pass but not a room. I had done a lot of winter mountaineering so would sleep in a bag in the back of my truck with the back open. Woke up one night to see a lynx pacing back and forth, eyeing me to figure out if I was it's next meal. Would ski all day Fri and Sat and leave on Sun to return home. On reggae weekend that spring got to hang with members of the Wailers.
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    once again, it's not about the gigs, it's about hanging out and enjoying playing music with each other. why do you keep going on about the number of gigs? You asked whether the ad was good, and almost all of us say it is because it tells everybody exactly what the band is after. You seem to disagree because you wouldn't want to join the band. That's a different question to the one that you asked. The only way that your argument that it's not a good ad holds any weight is if they do in fact play five times a week and have put you off applying for a band that would really suit you.
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    Ooh is this a "post a photo of your SB-1000" thread?
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    Yup, been there, walked away from that one too.
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    The band i'm currently in had an advert running showing VIDS and pics of a full band but said they were lookng for a new bassist. Turns out it was only the original singer and drummer altho they had a new guitarist on board. To be fair they did tell me all this when they contacted me. I managed to find a 2nd guitarist relatively quickly. Great guys and it was the singer that i thought was the main attraction for the band. He gets right into the full image thing too. Dave
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    It's quite a practical design, really - it doubles up as a bottle opener
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    TC Polytune clip. Never failed at all. Even in Very noisy situations.
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    Bernie was also a 'star attraction' at the 2010 London Bass Bash. Would be great to see him again.
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    Never liked any singlecut basses, MusicMan toilet seat basses or those ridiculous 7+ string monstrosities anyone makes....
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    @D'Addario UK Andy is not coming out to play! He's been a very naughty boy!
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    Absolute agree. I switched to these a good year or so ago and they are perfect for my band’s tunings (drop C/drop C#). I really wish they did the same set in steels though, and I don’t really understand why they don’t!
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    The rest of the black hardware finally turned up I’ve just swapped over the tuners, strap buttons and string tree So now the bass is finished apart from a setup Sorry for some reason the picture has gone a bit grainy I’m happy with the finished look it’s no frills and simple!! (Bit like me!!) 1 down only 3 to go!!.........
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    Actually to be fair when I left school in the 70s I was able to get a job that paid enough for me to live independently. I think that would be next to impossible today and I'd probably end up dead in a ditch within a week. It's heartbreaking that young people now have to live with their parents for years on end because they cant afford to move out. It prevents them from becoming true adults, imho. I think that may be part of the problem.
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    I played one of the Proto705s - the older model with the more Fender style headstock - in a London shop about 10 years ago, it was great and I wanted one for quite a while, indeed my current Lakland DJ5 is pretty close in specs.
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    B*njos. Always make me think of that film, Deliverance...
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    I play Franz basses, a Sirius DC 5 fretted and Sirius fretless 5, and also gig a Thomann (by Hora) slimline upright. As I double fretless and upright at virtually every gig I run them into a Bassbone OD, which then goes into my rig which is the fabulous Markbass CMD Super Combo K1, to which I add the matching Markbass TRV123 cab too when I want the full 1000 watts. I also have a Blackline 250 for backup. OBBM cables, Harvest straps, La Bella and Newtone strings, Mono bags complete the setup. This picture shows a pedalboard from last summer, but that's all been replaced by the simpler yet more versatile Bassbone.
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    here's mine: Basses: Sadowsky Will Lee NYC 4 (rounds) Sadowsky Metro MV5 (rounds) Fender Custom Shop Precision bass Pino Palladino (flats) Upright bass thinking about getting a jazz bass passive (but to be honest it's only because I want to get one, not really because I need one, as the Sadowsky 4 is so great) Amp Markbass Combo CMP 121P this is the only amp I got because most of the time the venues I play have an amp for me. But I m think about getting a cab and a head ( markbass or aguilar, not sure right now) Pedals Boss OC2 Boss OC3 Electro harmonix micro Qtron Digitech synth wah envelope filter EBS wah one mxr Dynacomp Ibanez tube screamer Avalon U5
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    You should like Rick Wakeman for this alone ......
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    Fotheringay at Newcastle City Hall around 1970-ish. Wonderful Sandy Denny with Jerry Donahue on guitar, Pat Donaldson on bass and the incredible Gerry Conway on drums. It was a magical night and their self titled album is still on of my favourites.
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