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    Probably a bit more practical though: the classic warning sign
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    I can see this thread going on for ages...
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    That's not the words, it happened to me in Venezuela where a friend invited me to dinner with his family and at the table I asked his youngest sister if I could have a spoon and suddenly a deafening silence and after receiving what seem like an eternity of stares I asked if I said something wrong...
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    Problem solved on the Line 6 forum. Go to command centre and select one of the 'lightning bolts' at the top. Then just enter all the midi details that correspond with the channel and patch of the Strymon, save and job done. Each time I solve a problem like this I marvel at how good the Helix is. Probably the best designed piece of kit I have ever used.
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    Great question. I think it’s just another tool for us to use depending on the music your producing. I find it really useful in a lot of the Fretless stuff I play. It lends itself to using sustain as the very nature of Fretless is the ambiguity of the note. The “left hand wobble” it has its place
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    I listened to them this morning and have to agree. But then again supposedly Radiohead were sued for ripping off 'All I Need Is The Air That I Breathe' by The Hollies, so they haven't really got a leg to stand on!
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    Trace Elliot Series 6 Type 7215 GP7 1X15 300W Combo Back in the day, I was one of the few bass players who didn't use a Trace Elliot rig. When I saw them on sale at that time (late 80s/early 90s) they seemed quite expensive and I got the impression they were solely for Mark King-alikes who favoured the now-infamous slapping style that was all over the place then… In short, it was a hairdresser’s amp and not suitable for muscular Ampeg men such as myself. So I didn't ever have the Trace experience. In the intervening years, I've explored pretty much every other brand and every possible format of bass amp and cab with varying degrees of satisfaction. But then I saw more and more threads about old Trace gear, both here and elsewhere and was intrigued… …mainly because some threads insisted Trace gear sounded terrible, Trace owners wore waistcoats and looked at themselves in the mirror a lot, Trace was a one-trick pony and the gear was incredibly heavy because it was full of concrete. Others praised Trace to the skies, citing a big sound, a huge variety of tones not available elsewhere and claiming lifelong allegiance to the cause. Some very polarised views, then… but they can’t both be right, can they? This cognitive dissonance will not stand! So when I saw a Trace combo up for sale on BC, I thought ‘why not?’ It can only be terrible. Or great. I’ll find out. Got the combo home and plugged in my Jazz Bass - it sounded terrible. So I fiddled with the EQ for a while and it was better, but not great. After quite a bit of fiddling and button-pressing and bone-headed persistence, I got some acceptable results, but there was an overall baked-in aspect to the sound I couldn't seem to get rid of, a sort of Marcus-type twangy vibe. I fiddled for a bit longer (fnarr), upped the input gain quite a bit, then loaded a play-along CD into my Linn system which I set at near-battle levels, to see what the combo would do in concert, as it were - and suddenly there it was - without changing anything, the tone was at once lush, muscular and taut - and without the twang, or rather it was still there, but it now served to make the notes articulate and present, without being in any way offensive. Nice tight bottom end, too - I eased down the 50hz slider somewhat to avoid speaker stress, raised the 100Hz a db or two and all was good. Very good. It is a big, chunky sound that puts a stupid grin on your face. I strongly suspect it will be a cracking live amp. Trace obviously made gear that was meant to be taken out into the world and gigged with a band, not used solo in a bedroom. Tip: Leave the Mid Pre Shape button alone and avoid the ‘smiley face’ EQ curve. A word on LOUD: According to physics, a watt is a watt is a watt, but any layman will tell you that valve watts seem louder than solid state watts. I can tell you that Trace SS watts seem louder than, er… other SS watts. And by some margin. I need to do a lot more research, but apparently this 7215 combo delivers around 180-200 watts into its internal speaker which provides an 8 ohm load. There is an additional output socket on the rear of the combo to allow an additional 8 ohm cab to be used. It will then produce the full 300 Trace watts into 4 ohms, which must be truly seismic. All GP7 combos use custom Celestion drivers, it says here. In use, it comes on at least as 'loud' as a regular 500W @ 4 ohms Class 'D' amp and that’s without using an extension cab. I can’t imagine ever needing one - the combo on its own is punishingly loud and must have been astonishing back in the day, largely because it’s astonishing now. It is also built like a tank and the spec of this one puts it at a scrotum-busting 35kg - however I don’t think it’s genuinely that heavy, as it’s a do-able two-handed lift into my hatchback. Lift with your legs, lift with your legs… huppp. Having said that, I wouldn't like to carry it very far… Barefaced it is not. I now keep a folding sack truck in the car. And a truss. So there you have it. As you know, I've been on the gear merry-go-round for decades. Could it be that if I had bought this combo in 1993 I wouldn't have needed anything else and could have put an end to amp and cab GAS right there and then, saving myself a fortune in the process? We’ll never know. Will I now recommend that you madly rush out and buy up loads of old Trace gear? I will not. Because I don’t want the price to go up. You probably wouldn't like it, anyway…
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    As said a long way up the thread - why would you not value sustain? Ok my first (and still favourite) bass has exceptional sustain, and so I most naturally play that way - but I can play a controlled staccato by damping when it's wanted, or let a note ring for two or even three bars when that sounds right. I can play an open string and let it ring as a drone while I develop the line on the other strings. I can hold a single root note for each bar through a frenetic lead guitar solo so I'm just anchoring it and not distracting from it. I can run a slow gentle bassline through a blues or folk ballad and keep in that groove. When I play my son's super new MIA Fender P I just feel frustrated, the notes die so quickly that I don't have the range of expressive options I'm used to. Fair enough if you're just playing punchy rock'n'roll, but much beyond that, sustain opens up so many musical options, how could you not want it? All imho of course :-)
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    Faded jeans and 'leather' patches... patches needed due to unfeasibly large testes!
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    lesson learnt... in Venezuela, use a fork for soup if you must...
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    Yes but when they turn spoon into vagina there's no winning.
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    Dude I don't know you but I was actually born and bred in a spanish speaking country so don't take it from me. In latin america which is her closest spanish speaking area lana is slang for money. So for Mcnach being spanish lana would just mean wool.
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    Absolutely. Jealous. I was playing in the late 90’s when it was all unkempt hair and parkas. Tragic.
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    I've just been reading through the responses on here. Have I got this right:- 1) Some people have basses which need modification to get sustain. 2) Some people smack their basses so hard the strings come off the bridges 3) 99% of people bash away on rudimentary basses and amps where sustain is not required. All I can think is gor blimey. But seriously, have we finally found a differentiator here between the designs which were got right in the long and distant past (but need modification to make them sustain so weren't that good after all) and the more recent makes and more recent iterations of 'vintage' designs which amongst other things, correct this flaw. Good grief - you learn something every day 😂
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    Haha....well Janek is also partly to blame Si
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    I'd be more more worried about the person that has never heard of The Cult...
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    Bling has arrvived today ! Cant fit the lights right now though, as life chores are getting in the way
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    They're usually built reasonably tidy inside - nice layout, neat cables plus pre and power stages on their own boards. I became quite intimate with the inside of my 4808 combo as there were a few ropey solder joints on the pre-amp board. It had the later 320w Clive Button power stage after it's former 'Bi-Polar Bear' gave out with it's previous owner. The later power amp was very good and as ever, plenty loud and clean..
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    Sealed or not a 15 doesn't have the dispersion of a 12. It may have less low frequency output than a ported 12, but the ported 12 is still more likely to distort at a lower power input. That said I'd rather matched 12s. You probably find that the 12 and 15 sound better together than either does alone, but that's the case with almost any cab pairing.
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    How aboiut a little blue flame inside the circle; a bit like the British Gas one (but not the same, obviously )? ETA: Ooops! crossed posts. Still think it's a good idea in blue though...
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    Well I was going to change the british gas icon to orange I'll run a poll once we have a few suggestions!
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    That in BC orange would be my favourite! What, are we American now?
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    Eric Clapton 'Blackie' tribute guitars: http://www.guitaravenue.com/guitars-basses.htm#xl_fender Gone right off them, I have.
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    To give an idea, I asked Mark a quote in 2017 for a p bass in ash. It was approx. £1000 with a gig bag.
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    Ah yes that rings a bell. When I ordered mine Mark @ Ashdown told me that I'd just nipped in before the price of neodymium was expected to increase. I didn't realise they'd stop making them altogether tho. Shame as they're bloody good cabs.
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    Personally, I think that the verse of Get Free is less similar to the verse of Creep than the verse of Creep is to the verse of The Air That I Breathe. I think these artistically void pen-pushers who think they're expressing themselves by buying their kettle from John Lewis latest range should spend an afternoon with a 3-disc compilation of 50's rock'n'roll, then 'k-off and work on some proper cases. There, I said it.
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    I can wait til February just for you :-)
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    Put together this video yesterday, quite new to recording so excuse the EQ! but I think it represents the tone of this bass quite well
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    There's one for sale locally - I daren't go to look at it.. GLWYS
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    Headless Shuker 5 Maple/Wenge Neck-thru. Ziricote fretboard. Similar density to maple. White Ash body. Flamed Myrtlewood facing. 34" scale, 24 fret. Blue side leds with external brightness control. SD Bassline pickups (MM/jazz) with coil switch for MM. Shuker 3 band circuit plus active/passive switch.
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    My recently bought beauty
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    Or if you are 'down with da kids'... skonnz?
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    Could they also explain what 'money' is, as I am a bass player as well..
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    Yes. No subs. I just wanted to hear what they sounded like. I was very impressed. I'm sure it all depends on how loud you are, and what your "sound" is etc. I loved them though.
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    I'm glad I am not the only one to feel like that. Going around and around a genre that didn't even originate here is a bit stale in my humble-bumblings too. Trouble is... the 12BB is like the common denominator in the wide world of western styled music. It's obligatory to know it if you want a half-decent tool kit to bring to the jam. It's easy though, right? That has been said of so many seemingly simple things in life. More often than not, the simple things are harder to get away with with style and confidence whilst not making yourself look like a tourist.
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    Nice playing, the EMGs compliment the Ibanez well and the amp sounds great. If it is good enough for Victor Wooten
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    Absolutely no reflection on your Maruszczyk or its quality, but I'll be surprised if you find an SB315 is much of a step down!
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    I was just about to post the same thing. Shows how our brains are wired, I suppose.
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    Did anyone else read the title of this ad and just see 'Kylie Minogue'?
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    Nice, how was this bass set up when you received it?
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    Quiet morning, so thought I'd dust off some of the gear, and give them a spin, here's a bunch of my '61 stuff, and their various bits of case candy.
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    What it means specifically could be just about anything. For decades Fender drivers were labeled 'Fender Special Design' and the only special about them was the label.
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    I've never understood the obsession with resale value. Maybe because I've never bought any instrument with an eye to selling it on at some point. I've always bought because I have an actual need for the instrument at that particular moment in time. If I can afford it and it's something I'm going to use then I'll buy it. At the time I rarely think I'll be selling it later. If at some point I no longer need it I'll probably sell it or if I think I might use it again in the future it will go into storage. When I sell stuff sometimes I make money compared with what I originally paid for it, and sometimes I lose money. If I loose money, I look at the that amount as the rental value of the instrument for the time I was using it. TBH the amount I've spent on guitars and basses in real terms is small beans compared with what I was spending on synthesisers in the 80s.
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    Latest addition, very scarce 3-knob 1961 Fender Jazz. Probably the nicest bass I've ever played, I've only seen one other, and after playing this one, just fell in love. [url="http://imgur.com/rNuOIMl"][/url]

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