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    But are they valve watts or solid state watts?
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    I had noticed this trend of late. I just find it all rather naff. It's something of a self-perpetuating nightmare; an algorithim decides clickbait titles are good, so statistics provided to content creators encourage them to use clickbait titles, which produces verification for the algorithm that clickbait titles are great. This is all part of a wider issue of dumbing down. I've mentioned Scott's Bass Lessons before because the decline in quality is most evident there. The videos were usually of good quality with something to say but these days, they're mostly clickbait rubbish, like 'six string basses SUCK and here's why' before saying that they don't really suck. This also speaks to a wider problem with bass education in that it's become so focused on everything but music. 'Here's how to get gigs', 'how to groove', 'two notes that will change EVERYTHING', 'three secrets that will teach you EVERYTHING about walking basslines'. The exponential growth of this rubbish indicates that many bassists will happily consume any amount of dubious material before undertaking proper music based study.
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    SOLD F Bass Alain Caron 6 Fretless Natural Satin Specs: Natural satin finish, Ebony fingerboard without lines, Spruce top, Flame maple body with acoustic chambers, 34.5 scale 1x magnetic pickup, Ebony bridge with Piezo-PUs, Preamp with 3-band EQ, Black hardware, Weight: 4,62 kg LaBella Black Nylons Non-original gigbag This is the typical example of the "King of Fretless" model. Used condition, so some dings over the body and pickup tops, but nothing serious. For those who did never hear one of these, check "FBass AC6" at YT and you find a lot of world-class fretless players demonstrating this amazing fretless bass model. Technically everything is perfect and works fine. Asking 3800 EUR plus shipping from Duesseldorf / Germany. Pics here: http://s934.photobucket.com/user/mrbassman_de/library/Basses/F%20Bass%20AC6%20Fretless http://i934.photobucket.com/albums/ad190/mrbassman_de/Basses/F%20Bass%20AC6%20Fretless/IMG_0271_zpsgev2p2ba.jpg http://i934.photobucket.com/albums/ad190/mrbassman_de/Basses/F%20Bass%20AC6%20Fretless/IMG_0273_zps6hvef7ot.jpg http://i934.photobucket.com/albums/ad190/mrbassman_de/Basses/F%20Bass%20AC6%20Fretless/IMG_0275_zpsuhlolug9.jpg http://i934.photobucket.com/albums/ad190/mrbassman_de/Basses/F%20Bass%20AC6%20Fretless/IMG_0276_zpsroazyu1l.jpg http://i934.photobucket.com/albums/ad190/mrbassman_de/Basses/F%20Bass%20AC6%20Fretless/IMG_0283_zps5bf1dmwg.jpg http://i934.photobucket.com/albums/ad190/mrbassman_de/Basses/F%20Bass%20AC6%20Fretless/IMG_0295_zpsigizy7la.jpg
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    I've not had this lovely bass long (traded through this very forum!), but I have my eye on something else and need to release some funds! Made in 2009. Condition-wise I would give it 9/10 as there are a couple of small, superficial dings and scratches (which I will try to show in photos) but nothing that affects playability. Plays beautifully, with one of the nicest necks I've ever played. Sounds monstrous, and has a huge range of tones from the two humbuckers - often described as a "Jazz bass on steroids", and I can see where that reference comes from! Balances very well, with no neck-dive at all (although I only use wide straps). Recently strung with DR Hi-Beams. Not heavy at around 8lb 6oz (according to my kitchen scales). Just feels like a serious quality instrument! Comes in the original hard case, which is so plush that my cat has it's eye on it as a bed! These pics will do for now, but I will take some more ASAP. Any questions just ask. I'm happy to ship this, but obviously this will be at the purchaser's expense (and risk). I will deliver locally (North East and North West England, and South West Scotland) for petrol expenses. I would much prefer a cash sale, but if you have anything in a Status, Fender Jazz-type, G&L, Musicman or Yamaha style and fancy a trade, just shout! No amps or cabs required thanks (unless it's an EAD Foundation 212!!)
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    Selling my beloved F Bass Alain Caron AC5 Fretless with Redwood Burl Top and all upgrades you can imagine Specs: Natural gloss finish, Ebony fingerboard without lines, Redwood Burl top (Upgrade !), 5A Flame maple body with acoustic chambers, 34 scale (upgrade !) 18 mm string spacing at bridge (upgrade !) 5-pc-neck (upgrade !) Neck-Through design (upgrade !) 2x magnetic pickups (additional neck pickup is an upgrade !), Ebony bridge with Piezo-PUs, Preamp with 3-band EQ, Pearl serial number Black hardware, Incl. Hardcase, Weight: 4,30 kg LaBella E-C flatwound strings This is a fully loaded version of the "King of Fretless" model. The bunch of upgrades makes this bass rare and unique: Neck-Through, 2nd magnetic pickup, 34", 19mm, 5pc-neck ... Like new condition, not a single mark on it. For those who did never hear one of these, check "FBass AC6" at YT and you find a lot of world-class fretless players demonstrating this amazing fretless bass model. Technically everything is perfect and works fine. The top is breathtaking and the bass with its smaller sizes is a joy to play. The smooth shapings are simply amazing. This bass would retail today at more than 12.000 USD plus shipping and import. SOLD
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    Hello! I have been using basschat as a source of information for some time now. I decided to register because of the yellow-note on the home page I started playing bass in the 1980s. I did not care much about brands and stuff at that time, I was too busy playing and writing music, just as it should be! But I remember a Samick Jazz and a crappy Precision-type thing, among others. Then in the 1990s I got a Fender Jazz MIM fretless, which I traded for an Ibanez SR800 fretless, which I feel is built much better. Then I stopped playing for about 10 years. A few years back I picked it up again. Now I have the SR800FL and a Fernandes FRB100, plus several cheap basses I have bought here and there for testing parts and modding. I tried playing jazz, but I just can't . Also tried Death Metal, which is fun. But I think my style lies somewhere in the middle, if it means anything. Thank you for keeping up this site!
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    I take it back. I have been watching more of his videos recently and his disdain of Rickenbacker and StewMac is pretty humourous
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    I think you're on the wrong website... Ha, ha, ha! Oh God, I'm priceless. *Sticks tulip up bum and hides in wardrobe*
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    On the Smoothound front, I've found that it wedges nicely under the handle of a Barefaced cab ...
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    After my first gig using a Smooth Hound, I have blue-tacked it to the top of the amp - never moves now! I always have a lead coiled up next to the amp 'just in case' as well.
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    I should have infinitesimal watts then by rights. It's my surname! Mods, kindly arrange!! ??
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    Should've looked back, their best stuff came before that
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    A quick search on the world's favourite search engine suggests that this is most likely a late -70's P Bass copy made/imported by Hohner. I found a very similar one listed as being dated to1978 (with a question mark) in an on-line bass guitar museum. With regards parts, I'd dare say most P bass clone parts will fit. It doesn't look like there's a recess carved for the bridge. Could well be able to buy a loaded plate and transfer across from one that plate to yours. I say that because the scratch-plate would likely not have the same holes as the donor.
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    The bassline to 'all these things that I've done' doesn't really have any tricky or complex parts in it but it is a banger to play, just a great tune. If you're struggling to play it with your fingers, then make sure you know the notes and slow the tricky parts right down, even if you have to practice out of time to get the plucking pattern exactly right. You can then speed it up using a click track (but do not become a slave to the beat, correct your mistakes and go out of time if you need to to make sure you have the notes and the plucking pattern just right). I would also recommend playing closer to the bridge with a lighter touch, where the added tension at the string will help you to quickly detach after plucking. Provided your amp is loud enough, you should practically be able to glide your fingers over the strings with a minute and very light plucking action. This is the key to fast, accurate right hand work. Ultimately, it's a case of building some endurance and dexterity to play the part, which will soon be within your grasp.
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    Funny enough I was reading about this the other day. How they sampled the notes (Along with the FX), and how everything was then played on a keyboard. EDIT: Here you go.Interesting little read. https://noisey.vice.com/en_us/article/689n7a/how-seinfelds-theme-song-was-created
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    This was previously my bass, owned since new and is a fantastic instrument. I was never much of a gibson fan before this bass and it blew me away that i ended up selling my fender collection Geoff is a true gentlman to deal with too. You'll never meet a nicer guy to deal with. Buy with confidence
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    You can definitely re-board it. I had Brook Guitars in Devon convert a maple boarded P to an ebony unlined fretless and they did an amazing job - even kept the original nut!
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    Of the ones I've tried, I like the Cali 76 Compact Bass for general purpose transparent compression, and the Effectrode PC-2A for more of a warm tube preamp style of compressor that works absolute wonders with my acoustic fretless. Ones that didn't make the grade: - EBS Multicomp - the input kept clipping with my bass and playing style. Perhaps the newer Studio Edition has improved things here? - Diamond - lack of a ratio control and some unexplained buzzing when used with my Cioks DC5 power supply meant I had to move this on. - Keeley Bassist - seemed a bit dry and clinical and the attack time was set pretty fast for me - I like the peak to come through a little more before it clamps down. Would make a great limiter though especially as the ratio control goes up to infinity. - RMI Basswitch Dual Band - changed the tone pretty drastically compared to other comps, and the internal 9v-18v puts out a high pitched hum on the power line that gets picked up by other pedals if you don't use isolated power. The Spectracomp looks great if you mainly use one bass and want to set it and forget it. CRAZY amounts of tweakable controls in the editor app, and plenty of Toneprints to get you going, looks like a fun pedal for tweakers. I like to flick between different basses though and prefer something with basic metering and a threshold control for setting on the fly.
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    It looks to me like you're just trolling now, so I'll be honest and say I can't be bothered to read the rest of your post.
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    It's brilliant. Really great fun thing to do. I like the interactivity of it all. You guys have built a great place to be. Thank you
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    A few years ago I found myself living next door to an 'erudite' musician. A brass player, a teacher, a composer; as a conductor he's done the Proms for years, works regularly with major international orchestras. We had a few conversations about music which I found enlightening from my very limited perspective. This chap had a way of explaining things which made things very easy to understand yet I never felt like he was talking down to me or using his knowledge as a tool to buff his self image at my expense. The thing that sticks in my mind was when he scored a gig with the Berlin Phil. He came round to tell me, bringing his unaffected delight and a couple of bottles of wine for us. Such a nice man.
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    This is also a good site for some good info http://www.ovnilab.com/
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    Deep Purple for me. It was between them and Iron Maiden but Deep Purple started me on my music obsessed path.
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    This has to be one of my favourites, the program itself too!!
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    This is the closing credits theme. Just a longer version of the opening titles.
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    I play some triplet stuff, including the Jean Genie intro, with two fingers. Took a little while to get it fluid, but with the usual start-slow-and-build-up approach it wasn't too difficult. I'd suggest practicing by continuously playing up and down a scale (or any pattern of notes) in triplet groups, especially over the transitions between different strings. Also, if you're going for true alternate i-m-i-m-i-m picking, try playing both even and odd numbers of notes (in triplet groups) on each string so you get used to transitioning between strings on both the index and middle fingers. Alternatively for transitioning down the strings (G to D, for example) you might find raking is helpful. One other thing that I found is that playing higher up the fretboard (if it's an option given the song) makes life easier, although that might just be a personal thing. I've been trying to learn Hit Me With Your Rhythym Stick, starting out by playing the main intro bit which is down on the first to fourth frets. When I started to learn the verse, which is played higher up, I found for some reason that it was a lot easier. I'm not up to full speed yet, but I'm getting there with practice. My biggest progress on that was when Basschat was upgraded and so out of action for most of the weekend, which just goes to show I usually spend too much time on the forum and not enough time practicing!
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    Another excuse for unfettered consumerism. Why do Brits slavishly like to copy every fad that comes out of the US? Anyway, it's no secret that sales events are a scam whereby retailers hike up prices in preceding weeks and then 'slash' them back to their original levels, get rid of obsolete or unpopular lines and buy in shoddy toot specifically for them. After all, despite all the saccharine marketing cow poop about the customer being # 1 blah blah the question everyone should be asking is what's in it for the retailers?
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    Yeah, there's a Sub'n'Up on one of my boards (which also has an OC-2), I only use it for the +1 octave. I also have a COG T-16 and a Line6 M5 (which models the EBS Octave) that I could have thrown into the fray, but this is the OC-2 party really ;). I did have 9 at one point, but it's ultimately a bit silly right, so now I just have one of every iteration, boxed etc, with a couple of extras....which of course is completely not silly. Si
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    Just found a live version... make of this what you will !
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    Here is another classic, with a great bass part, skip forward to about 54 seconds to get past the gubbins. More pure cheese... but kinda funky.
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    Isn't the Nate Mendel P Bass almost like a jazz bass neck? oops - missed the 20 other people saying that - sorry!
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    Absolutely. (Big Dylan fan here, btw.)
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    Another one from the 70's:
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    Now that's just not cricket..
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    It makes loads of difference! You don't have to carry an amp for one, the stage is quieter for two and you get to hear exactly (well, as close as possible) how your bass sounds in FOH. Subjectively, I find that it's a lot more consistent for me now, I spend less time fighting boomy rooms or awkward resonances.
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    Except LIberace could actually play the piano.
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    In that case: NO! In other cases: YES! It really started when I heard "Dear Father" (IMS originally a non-album single B-side) on the radio and later rejected their first album because there was too much singing (!) on it, but it exploded when I listened to "Roundabout" in a record shop. This was before the album came out. THAT BASS PART! That sound! Those arrangements! That song altogether! Later that year I bough "Fragile" without even listening to it first (a rare occurrence). After all it had "Roundabout". Yes taught me there was good music outside classical music, and they changed me forever.
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    Welcome Funkfingers. I don't know you from anywhere else but I will always remember you for posting the scariest topic title that I have ever seen!
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    Kudos on naming the strings. How many times have I wondered "what's on this then?"...
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    Generally the Aguilar goes for between £170 / £180, and the shure in-ears sell for £100. So I’m pretty happy with the deal. Basically got the in-ears for free.
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    I once auditioned for a band where the drummer had a shiny new huge elaborate kit and a shiny new huge electric fan pointed at him. He couldn't play either but he sweated buckets.
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    Such a happy bunch ! I'm happy with my £20 price reduction I can look forward to spending that extra £20 on Cyber Monday !
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    Its musicians making dicks of themselves and prancing around for attention like a bunch of kids with ADD. If you think that's a great way to make a living, great, but I don't. Have you actually seen PewDiePie?? The guy is a gigantic twat sitting in his bedroom and shouting at video games. It's the most retarded thing on earth. These are only good sources of revenue in the same way as Primark and McDonalds are good sources of revenue. It's stupid garbage for the lowest common dominator. I'm not ok with it. (yes I know nobody cares, but I like a rant).
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