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  2. Dingwall do indeed make a J-type, though it costs at least £3k new and ~£2k used. Sandberg make J-types but they’re almost all active (in an ideal world I’d prefer passive) and, sadly, I’m not a fan of the new body shapes. MTD USA falls into a similar boat to my Dingwall argument re: price and MTD Kingston do make J-types (known as the Saratoga) which I’ve considered and not ruled out despite being active, because the Saratoga preamp is arguably even more convenient than the Yamaha preamp. Still, would you complain if Yamaha made a J??
  3. I think Jon’s main problem for most is that he’s way too obviously “hippy”. Oddly, he’s one of very few high-voiced male singers that I really like (Yes being my favourite band), although even I’ll admit it took a while at first. Unlike say Axl Rose, who to me sounds very much like a screaming baby with an airhorn scraping a metal gauntlet down a 100 foot blackboard. 😉
  4. Well I did my first gig with the tube yesterday. Absolutely amazing. Outdoor event on the back of a trailer. Amp was probably on about 4 out of 10 volume and pa support as well. Gees, the power was unbelievable, I could actually see the cover of the cab moving in a thumping kind of way, at low levels too! I ran it completely flat, just on the tube channel, with a tiny bit of compression. It really adds something to the band mix. Trying to think of an adjective all through the gig, I think the classic 'pillowy' makes sense. Just a lovely warm glow to the sound. Playing wise, it sort of encourages you to be loud and confident and try more nuances like slides, different attack and techniques. The sound seemed to be getting better and better as the gig went on - probably the first real run out its had. Very happy, and now a confirmed ex class d user (apart from upstairs gigs where I'll take my quilter!).
  5. I'll stick with the ZS10s then, that's saved me a few quid!
  6. I bought one for my Warmoth '57 single coil P bass and it didn't move. Easy enough to replace I suppose if I do get one
  7. No sorry I really couldn’t!! Maybe you’ve got a better ear for it than me? Now to me this dramatically different In my opinion the big test for whether which wood you use makes a difference would be if you could identify what wood the bass is just by sound alone??
  8. JOn Anderson's problem is he only has one gear he uses regularly - 'whimsical'.
  9. So are a lot of things which can be studied and improved upon.
  10. Peach Guitars in Colchester have a pretty good selection these days.
  11. I know what you mean - when I saw the video of me singing BVs I was going at the microphone like a chicken pecking seeds! Sounded useless. One song I was less confident I stayed well back from the mike, the soundman obviously turned me up and it sounded fine! Lesson learned...
  12. And that’s absolutely your choice to make. 😁
  13. I’ll have a check of the pickups. Cheers.
  14. Bought a couple of straps from Mike. He was kind enough to to drop them off at my place of work and we had a good bass related chat. Deal with confidence.
  15. Quite, but music is not a definite, it is subjective.
  16. But you've got a Dingwall and Sandberg and had MTD: all great brands. I don't recall what pup set-ups you have / had on these but they all do very well regarded J basses. I'm kinda struggling to understand what it is you'd want a Yammy to bring to the party that these brands aren't already giving you?
  17. Gunther! Please check your e mail when you get a moment! 👍
  18. My take? Its their loss, I move on to bigger and better things.
  19. Oh aye.. I knew that, but completely forgot in my enthusiasm. I stand corrected.
  20. They are great basses, no doubt about that! I need to sell a handful of mine as I want to see if I can get enough for a Wal bass, or two! 😄
  21. Technically, yes, but as we all know it would be a terrible decision from a physics point of view!
  22. Plus one for the TC BG250! Great wee amps.
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