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  2. If I was going to get a MM again, this would be the exact spec. Lovely looking thing.
  3. I’m headed to Leeds on Monday and I’ll be across in Manchester on Tuesday and driving back up to Scotland along the M6 on Wednesday so potential meet up is possible along the route.
  4. Not sure. The main man has just finished an EP that he played bass on. Very nice that he has already commented on my lines being better 🙂 Hopefully we will do something later in the year.
  5. yes, nothing beats playing originals. I love the feeling when you write a bassline that is more than roots-third-fifth-octave, though some or all of the aforementioned are used , of course. are you going to be recording anything soon? I'd like to hear you.
  6. A couple of months ago I bought a Hartke HA3500 complete with a 4.5XL and 215XL cabs. The previous owner used the two cabs with the one head for some reasonable sized gigs (also DI’d into PA to give you an idea). I’ve not used the two cabs together (not needed the 215XL as only in rehearsal situation at the moment, looking to gig in the next month or two). I’ve since learned that the 215XL is 4ohms and the 4.5XL is 8ohms so together to total impedance of 2.66ohms 😲😲, the amp is only rated down to 4! Any suggestions what to do next?- The 215XL also has a faulty 15” driver- (He gave me that cab free when we found the fault). I’ve got a replacement on order. Im guessing the advice would be to not use the two together BUT if anyone can offer any wisdom it’ll be much appreciated. Having played the 4.5xl on its own it feels like it’s missing some low end grunt (I play metal and use a SR500 bass). Is there anyway to rewire the 215xl to become 8 Ohms? They are individually 8 ohm speakers. However they are only rated as 200 watt apiece so I’m guessing just using one driver and disconnecting the other is not possible? if I wired them in series with each other then wouldn’t that be 8 + 8 = 16 ohm? then add the 4.5 cab (16x8) / (16+8) = 5.3 ohms safe ohmage for the head? Watt(!!) would the amp be delivering power wise (it’s 300W @ 4 ohm). Maybe just sell the 215xl when mended (after trying it for myself obviously!!) and use the money to put towards a 115xl? Any suggestions welcome!!
  7. Cheers Stew, what I have been told is, if its on 8 ohms, same as cab, it will deliver 1000 watts into the 600 watt cab, but if it's on 4 ohms, it will deliver less wattage therefore will be ok to do so.
  8. I left some old strings overnight in a container with some isopropyl alcohol, wow what a difference, like new again, but I don't know for how long.
  9. My BBP35 is up for sale, if anyone is looking 😭 If I could afford to keep it and get something else I would, but early onset OA at the tender age of 32 means I need to get a bass made of helium. Gutted!
  10. and Stainless Steels over Nickels for brightness and clank
  11. If I can find a buyer fir my BBP34 I will be all over this.
  12. Some years ago our singer accepted a wedding gig for a friend of his and said we'd do it for free and a bar tab. Myself and our drummer didn't know the couple. We kept asking what we would be getting paid but the singer was a bit vague. The gig was one of the best we've had and the free booze went down well. Got a taxi home and picked up the kit the next day. I wil not do a gig for free unless I personally know the person or its for charity. A free bar is ok but I won't drink anything like my fee. When pressed the singer admitted he really meant that him and the guitarist would do it for free as the know the couple but didn't clarity that with them properly so we all did it for free. This was later and after he paid myself and the drummer our fee out of his own pocket. He has not made the same mistake again and we discuss wedding and party fees between us before offering our services.
  13. Tried, and failed, to buy back my FBass BN 4 after seller's regret kicked in. New owner didn't want to sell it back, sadly for me
  14. If the cabs are 8 ohm then switch it to 8ohm for one cab and 4 ohm for when using both. Enjoy!
  15. Ah man... This is one of those 'I don't want to sell, but maybe need to' situations. This is my favourite bass I've owned. But, it's looking like I've been dealt early onset OA and need to get the lightest bass available or find another job! I'll double check, but this isn't heavy, it's about 9.5lbs, a shade over IIRC. It's currently the top of the line Yamaha BB, made in Japan. I bought it new from Yamaha London less than a year ago. It was the first in the UK I believe. It's alder/maple, has their newest lightweight hardware in a great satin finish. The bass is actually midnight blue, but tends to look more of a black in photos. It's string with D'Addario EXL170-5, as from the factory. It comes with a really plush hardcase too. It's passive, with VVT controls, but like with early BB's, the range if tones available is fantastic. It has 18mm string spacing, and the nicest neck I've played. I thought I liked a wide chunky neck on a bass, coming from a Sadowsky, but the Yamaha is something special. It's very comfortable and has a beautiful construction and matte feel. As I say, I'm not keen to let it go, but I'm struggling with my back/hips/knees... And this isn't even a heavy bass. Not looking for trades as I'm going to be looking at Sandberg Superlight series. I'm on the Isle of Wight, but Portsmouth/Southampton meet up is possible. Any specific photos/questions, please ask. Condition wise, there are no injuries to report. Neck and headstock remain completely as new, and there are no chips/dings/dents to be seen. The back of the body of the bass has some light swirling from my shirt buttons, but I couldn't pick it up in a photo.
  16. Quick question if I may; when perusing the user patch database, what's the best way of hearing a preview of a patch? Currently, I just download something with an interesting name/sounds vaguely relevant then see what it sounds like when it's on the FI. Hardly the best way! The keyboard in the editor seems like it should be a preview tool, but no noise
  17. Bigwan

    DIY Effects

    I see pedalparts.co.uk are releasing an Engineer’s Thumb compressor kit soon. I’m sworn off compressors myself, but might be of interest to somebody else here!
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  19. Fart oo many 6 basses, 9 straps, at least. I've got a nice padded leather one for my Fender Am Std and am slowing buying the same strap with different colour upholstery backing for the others. I've recently installed the Diablo Twist Lock strap pins so once a strap is on it's staying on
  20. kind of an ambiguous question, depends on how long your songs are. we have 6:30 songs, and a 2:30 song with many in between. we have 28 songs , all original. We plan our sets accordingly. We have 2 songwriters so we try and alternate between them as they sing their own songs. Got some 3 band shows coming which I love, we do one set of 45 mins, easy peasy,we switch songs regularly according to loudness of gig. We go from all acoustic to rock band mode. Opps. forgot to say, 10 songs for a 45er
  21. Only a couple more days for sale then withdrawing.
  22. Sunday bump. Only a couple of more days then withdrawing from sale.
  23. We thought we had it just right at 11 songs for the hour and half second set last saturday, but we ended up skipping three of them, and just scraped in before the 11pm curfew!
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