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  2. Sounds a lot more organised than any I've attended! Chord sheets are a great idea. I'd also start a Facebook page and encourage any musicians to nominate songs they'd like to play (e.g. posting a YouTube video), that way you could end up with a bunch of strangers agreeing to learn them before the night and playing some lesser known tracks that otherwise wouldn't have a chance.
  3. If I'm interested in a song I'll seek out the original for sure, and maybe if I'm arranging it for a different kind of group I'll have a look around for some covers too. I'll deliberately avoid "tutorial" or "instructional" style videos, just look for covers. I'd say about 30% of the time, the cover is as good (just different) or improves on an original, but it depends a lot on the song. For example, VERY few people have successfully covered Wuthering Heights, it is a very hard song to do.
  4. This is why actual proper notation (ie sheet music) is so good. It simply beats a vague description of a vague idea, or a tab (with no rhythm information, probably without articulation, dynamics etc either). Then, you're not relying on another's interpretation (of those notatable elements), you can actually write them down and have it in black and white.
  5. If the FX part is the same as the GE200 I'm not sure it would! They didn't seem to work very well at all for bass - thin and sounding as if they were only designed for guitar...
  6. Hi! Up for sale a Hagstrom Viking Bass in black in pristine condition: no dings or even scratches (as you can see in the pics); it has the protector film on the pickguard. All original except the nut, which has been improved to bone for a better sustain and balance between strings. If I'm not wrong, it was made in 2013. Some features that make them special are: - it's a semi-hollow bass with 30.75" neck (so it's short scale) - it sports two humbucking pickups with a 6-way selector which allows sounds from humbucking to single-coil. - it has a resinator fretboard, a homogeneous wood composite which makes it easy to maintain and allows a better stability in the neck. A good new Fender gig bag is included. Cash is the king, but I'm open to trades (adjusting differences if needed): small and light amp heads like Quilter BB800, Ashdown RM500, Aguilar TH500, Genzler Magellan or the like. However, hit me with other gear, just in case.
  7. A steep low HPF should have no affect on tone, just remove the sub sonics that your amp and speakers waste power trying to reproduce, so you can squeeze more actual audible volume out of your rig without blowing it up.
  8. Thanks, essentially the first night is all my band mates and ex band mates so they pretty much all know the same stuff, we've shared everything all along and I'm hoping the house band is going to grow from them, at the moment it's just a trio, guitar,bass and drums. The stuff I'll take with me will be for next month essentially and any jam session at the end.
  9. Rob Allen MB2 5 string bass made in 2006, lined fretless. Very good condition. Body is swamp ash, fingerboard ebony. Birds eye maple neck. Comes with Rob Allen hard case, owners manual and truss tool. For a 35" scale this plays very easy. New strings La Bella Black Nylon Tape Wound. Price 2099GBP plus shipping.
  10. I have Delano stacked humbuckers in my SB465. I like them, but I can see that they wouldn't suit everyone.
  11. Now there's a prog band just waiting to happen
  12. As long as the DB sounds good through the MB, that would be my choice.
  13. Rob Allen MB2 5 string bass made in 2006, lined fretless. Very good condition. Body is swamp ash, fingerboard ebony. Birds eye maple neck. Comes with Rob Allen hard case, owners manual and truss tool. For a 35" scale this plays very easy. New strings La Bella Black Nylon Tape Wound. Price 2099GBP plus shipping.
  14. You might have luck here.... https://agreatread.co.uk/geddy-lees-big-beautiful-book-of-bass-9780062747839/
  15. I've got to stand up here and say at least two good words for YouTube cover videos. Of course, you have to be selective with them but there are a couple of guys who put out consistently decent output. As we tend to play a lot of 70s stuff in one of my bands, I always see if a guy called Infusion26 has done a cover of something I'm learning. He never slavishly copies the original but always comes up with a melodic interpretation in his own style. His version of Nights in White Satin was one of the first songs I ever learned with this band and got a lot of compliments when I played it. I've also been learning While my Guitar Gently Weeps today and found a couple of quite helpful videos. Again, someone's interpretation. But I'll never play like Macca so it will, ultimately, be my interpretation of an interpretation. And when Lush, one of my favourite bands, reformed in 2016 Miki, the guitarist, said she re-learned a lot of her parts from watching cover videos on YouTube. So even the original artists sometimes use them!
  16. I had a walnut one. It was gorgeous, but every time I picked it up my spine compressed half-an-inch.
  17. Afternoon all, I have a large flight case made by Castle Cases, this was specifically made for a Phil Jones 8B cab, however I'm sure it can be used for many other things! The INTERNAL dimensions are: Depth: 66cm Width: 48cm Length: 41cm The whole top section lifts off of the bottom trolley/plate, the plate has extremely heavy duty castors, two of which have wheel locks to prevent it rolling away. The top clamps onto the bottom with 4 heavy duty clasps, 2 of which have holes for pad locking if needed. The inside is heavily padded, as is the bottom, the walls are thick and would very likely withstand a shotgun blast (not even exaggerating!) The case was close to £300 when new so £50 is an absolute steal, collection only from Basildon, Essex and no offers please! £50 is low enough! Cheers, Russ.
  18. Not sure why it's taken so long for me to spot this but the Mooer GE 300 also does Synth! (Probably 'cos Mooer seem to be taking forever getting this launched?) "There’s also the Synth Engine, a new tri-voice polyphonic synthesis module with options for wave form, pitch, filters and arpeggiators - with no special pickup or guitar modifications required." If my current pedal board could (theoretically) be replaced by a Helix Stomp and a Panda Future Impact ,then it seems to me that the GE 300 could, in turn, potentially replace both those and it comes with the bonus of an expression pedal.
  19. Everything you need and more is in this thread 😀
  20. I always thought I must be the only person with a severe reaction to the Antigua finish. Evidently not. Perhaps we should form an Antigua survivors group: 10-step talking-it-out sessions; hands-on massages from qualified 'practitioners'; aversion therapy involving three week trips to Antigua (the place). The government should pay for this support; we're the victims, after all.
  21. Today
  22. Thinking of going to in ear monitors , play bass so need ones that gives the low end , recommendations for make and general information on how good they are , I’m thinking of custom moulded type cheers
  23. It’s a good idea, but I don’t see enough synths in the “Other musical items” marketplace section to make it worth doing.
  24. I already use markbass stuff for my electric band but wanted something very small to counteract the size of my double bass might just sell the briefcase and use the markbass stuff I’ve already got Anyone interested in a briefcase?
  25. It weighs 5.2kgs I just got a message from the seller - ouch!
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