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  2. As one little mouse said to the other little mouse: Do you believe in cheeses?
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  4. The best basses ever made. However, I wouldn't buy those strings, regardless of whether they include "FREE UK SECOND CLASS POSTAGE".
  5. Now trying at £300... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/bass-guitar-5-strings-blue-There-is-a-little-chip-on-the-back-of-the-guitar/233315507718
  6. trade laurus T 800 5 strings + cash? thanks www.laurus.it
  7. Wasn't Godwin the maker of those Guitar Organ contraptions?
  8. Now a sale thread at £225 plus postage 👍🏼
  9. Have to say the GK sim is definitely one of my favourites too!
  10. You’d need to use a different foot switch that introduced a secondary master volume control when AGS was on. Probably possible, but like the Vintage Ultra, you’d really want separate EQ settings between clean and dirty, making the whole two channel option less appealing. Both very different pedals... the Darkglass adds a layer of distorted mids onto your clean tone, keeping the low end clean and uncompressed. The EQ is brilliant, 3 selectable bands for both high and low mids. The Tone Hammer on the other hand is more of a full range drive, so your low end can get a bit blurry. Also the mid control is pre-drive, so you can keep it flat or boosted for a Motown vibe or scoop it right back for a Sansamp style drive, two sounds that the Darkglass can struggle to replicate.
  11. Flown to Munich and back from Stansted and Manchester (total of three return trips) with my bass in a Hiscox case in the hold. No problems.
  12. A few years ago, I got kicked out of a band which had started to pick up some momentum because another bassist who was a friend of the lead guitarist and drummer saw them getting more successful and said he wanted to be the bassist. I thought that he was a sh!t and the lead guitarist and drummer were sh!ts too. Eventually I forgave everyone, but I can understand the distinction and sympathise with your drummer mate's POV.
  13. That must have taken you ages to type! But there's lots of extremely useful information there. Thanks for your input. Frank.
  14. If everyone was in a city and careerist, #5. In this location and with the tight-knit pool of musicians, #1 is the only response. Coming originally from nowheresville, North Wales, I've seen this kind of thing get ugly and upsetting too many times!
  15. I've had band T-shirts in three bands. One band wore them for photos and occasionally at gigs, another (a ceilidh band) always wore them at gigs, and the last band had them done for some gigs we played in Munich which were to raise funds for a wheelchair for the guitarist's girlfriend (who lived in Munich and had MS) and some of us wore them for some of the gigs.
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  17. If you’re going to try out the one in Wunjos, also check out the Duff McKagan basses and the Yamaha BB734A if they have them! Same boxes ticked!
  18. Thanks folks, it was the cables. Got a third cable to try and all good.
  19. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  20. Any tips on what you're using for Attack and Release settings / timings? I'm thinking of simply using the Auto Fast setting and avoiding needing to think about this much to start with(!) but I'd be really interested to know what you have settled on as your default.
  21. Somewhere in the cupboard under my stairs is an iron. Shall we say £7.50 posted? Unused mint condition, still in box. No velcro not used on board
  22. garyt

    Boss OC-3 advice

    I have an OC-3 and am trying to use it to create some synth type sounds. I am getting some good sounds out of it, but every now and again I'll get some random overtones, almost like the pedal is squealing out some random notes. Does anyone have any good tips when using the OC-3 or any decent settings? So far, the best I can come up with is: try and avoid having 2 notes ringing. It seems to work best if I play on one string only, but that can't be right. Oct 2 mode:. 12oclock, 12oclock, off Poly: 12oclock, 12oclock, on full, Drive: work in progress
  23. Which model Milestone has an alder body? I had a Milestone 3 which was plywood. ☹️ But agree a Milestone is a good starter bass.
  24. I'm so excited to try and play one, jazz neck, PJ, all black, and slim neck is literally all my boxes ticked.
  25. JMarkD

    Show us your rig!

    Ready to entertain the tourists. DB750 & DB410. Lakland Joe Osborn J Bass.
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