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  2. You can switch between two? 😂 Depends on your use I guess. Midi will certainly help.
  3. Oh man, I absolutely love it. As soon as I plug it in, I instantly hear that sound thst I've loved from all my favourite recordings using Ken Smith basses. I know the original pickups were designed and built by Bill Lawrence and in 2008 Ken said that Kent Armstrong had taken over making the pickups and had done so "for about twenty years", I guess your 1984 is Lawrence and my 1991 is Armstrong. I doubt the specs and design for the pickups changed much, if at all. As the company approaches its fourth decade of trading, he still makes, almost exclusively, double soapbar basses, one pickup in the middle and one right up against the bridge. I think Ken's vision, unwaivering as it is, has defined these instruments. He doesn't let customers go nuts with wood combos as he said he likes to work with what he knows will work well. The construction no doubt gives them a good portion of the sound too, like you said when I bought my bass from you, they're thin but incredibly resonant. I've got a review written up, I'll post it up here when I get a chance. I think it is without question the finest instrument I've ever had the privilege of playing.
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  5. Mine is the one and only JAE John Entwistle. This guy is the reason for bass being played and sounding like it is today, if it wasn't for him we wouldn't probably have the roundwound sound. Working along with James Howe to create that brightness incredible. All you have to do is listen to one of the most talked about bass sounds ever, live at leeds!! That bright chugging he gets from using a plectrum and you know he's using it, to that powerful driving low end and of course the trademark roto growl. He was a genius and as said before he did for bass what Jimi Hendrix did for guitar. RIP Ox, Gone but never forgotten.
  6. And how do you propose to access even the 6 presets mid set as you're changing between songs? There is no ability to scroll through presets using the Stomp button. Yup... you'll need midi.
  7. Not sure I’ll use more than 6 presets in a single set to be honest! Although, midi would be easier!
  8. C4 and Spectrum are pretty much the same pedal (same core engine). If you're not into midi, the C4 (or Spectrum variant) won't be for you, certainly not for live use anyway.
  9. Spectrum is out next month I think! Don’t know how much cheaper it will be, have to be a good chunk to be worth it...
  10. Sees pics above, breaks down and weeps. You're just torturing us now, Walshy
  11. MIDI? Nope, I’ve no desire to go down that path! I didn’t gel that well with the Manta, but I wouldn’t mind a more compact version with more filter models, features and a realistic Mutron III and OC-2 model on board for instance. I didn’t even realise this pedal was out, their site says it’s still in development! Whatever happened to the Spectrum filter then, I would have expected to see that out too as I thought it was a cut down version of the C4.
  12. I thought you'd already got rid of your Manta a couple of years' back (to me)? 😁 Are you currently using midi on your pedal board?
  13. Yeah, they seem to have added Vox to the confirmed list of exhibitors a few hours ago. I guess it's a small step forward...
  14. There's a VERY early 4-STRING Smith in the for sale section at the moment if this is giving anyone painful GAS. https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/338291-new-pricedrop-smith-pas-ii-1981-new-york-a-piece-of-my-history-quote-from-ken-smith/ Big pricey .. but I believe it's negotiable. Have to get a go on a Smith sometime, bass bucket-list material.
  15. Al Krow

    Boss SY-1

    If I was on the fence before this seeing this, I'm absolutely not after hearing what it can do! This one is guitar but he's promised a bass review to follow.
  16. It is tomorrow today. Looking forward to some announcements.
  17. I don’t have much use for a synth pedal, but the fact this is supposed to replace the Manta and cop a whole bunch of different envelope filter tones, plus cop an OC-2 has me interested.
  18. Maple fingerboard on a fretless? Why exactly? Won't it wear out a bit fast? Epoxy maybe?
  19. Nice Joyo clone of the Sansamp BDDI v1, but I reckon dare I say it sounded better to my ears, bit less congested and a bit less scooped. The EQ works on clean and dirty signals and seemed to me to be boost only so you can just use it as a clean pre, or dial in some drive with the mix. Downside is it cant be phantom powered. Never gets very dirty so if you want a clean or a just breaking up sound this is as good as anything out there. Excellent condition with box and manual and velcro on the bottom Includes Uk postage
  20. Agree - although I don't think he wrote Girl from Ipanema; that was Antonio Jobim.
  21. Oh yes - both can be true! Most of my band are or have been techies, when things are bad it's 95% this attitude and only 5% where the problem is the techies! We played a god awful festival once where we went on stage SEVEN HOURS late and they asked us to cut our set from 40 mins to 3 songs. Before we went on, our singer asked the techie who we'd spent all night with "are you gonna cut us if we play on?" - he laughed and shook his head. We played on ha ha
  22. Yeah agree with a lot of the points on here. Let's put them into practice...
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