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  2. Now now. Let's not get the thread locked...!
  3. Israel is there to normalise your perception of it and advertise it as a tourist destination - there’s more to it than just ethnic cleansing, you know.
  4. Keith played a white one on a live DVD and even GAVE one to Buddy Guy on stage in NY. That Varitone switch looks cool , players ( like Keith) prefer no Varitone.
  5. You can still find the Model T on the Schecter site if you Google it but I can't seem to navigate there via the menus, is it being discontinued?
  6. Stainless Steel over Nickel - You can always tone down the harmonics/brightness, but you can't add it.
  7. It's using your thumb both ways. Like downstrokes & upstrokes, as you would with a pick. 👍
  8. years ago Australia had to play Israel in the Oceania FIFA world cup playoffs.....coz no one else wanted to play against them If you disagree with any of their attrocities against the Palestinians they accuse you of being anti-semite when all you are is anti-Israeli. There is a huge difference. One is racially based the other is based on Israel's actions
  9. My mistake, I assumed it had something to do with bass playing. Your non-explanation makes more sense than anything I've been able to imagine, so thank you!
  10. One of my favorite words in the English language and you have it as a band name, excellent!
  11. make the G string 34" (if that's the scale length), set the D string saddle further backby the thickness of the D string, and so on. Will be pretty close.
  12. If you like that SG you will like the new LP Jr. with one P-90 also.
  13. Plus desperation to feel included in something - given that most of their neighbours are generally disinclined towards them. Can you imagine an Asia Minor/Middle East song contest?!
  14. Looking forward to this one! My band Petrichor are playing at Rebellion in Manchester supporting Christian Death Lots of bands on the bill too (all dayer type event). If you're in the area give me a shout
  15. Well spotted. So absorbed with the pictures, I didn’t check the spec. That’s me out then if its a standard P neck 😬
  16. Nickel NYXL's on my current Jazz bass, but I used to use various types of steel strings on my Musicman. I think the bass dictates what string type I use. These days I'm also conscious of wear and tear on the fret wire, and nickel are supposed to be more forgiving.
  17. Mine is Romanian, it might get deported!! hopefully Boris will have a bit spare from the £350m a week to buy me a nice British made one?
  18. I think we might be add odds with what each of us are talking about 😂 - you had spec cheeks for them both.
  19. That’s a great idea for anyone with a 3D printer! I wish I could afford one.
  20. Isn't Basschat the place we come to with the intention of wasting time 😎
  21. I bought my Lulls off two A4 spec sheets, despite their apparent rarity (one of two, one of a few), I had no qualms about forking out nearly £10K for the pair!
  22. >Advert: Amp for sale, Collection only. >Buyer: Can you deliver it to a destination 100 miles away >Advert: Fender Precision bass for sale USA, no trades >Buyer: I'll swap you for a BETAMAX video recorder (with a tape stuck inside) , an old threadbare ironing board cover and a Beano album for 1992. >Advert: Musicman Stingray for sale £1000, all reasonable offers considered >Buyer: £156 and whatever I find behind the couch cushions.
  23. makes sense,Nancy, SBS is the Oz broadcaster, started in 1980 as our multicultural channel(s) They show all sorts of shows from all over, lots of European content so no doubt they have ties with the EBU.
  24. What's going on here? That's against the rules... UV off < UV on... fact!
  25. Finally got it off! Sticky Stuff Remover did the job but it took 4 applications and a reasonable amount of elbow grease. There one small patch the stubbornly refuses to shift which I'm going to leave and it'll become part of the bass's story along with a few other dints and dongs...genuine wear and tear. So I'm happy 😁. Thanks to everyone for the help, advise and humour.
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