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  2. My EBLs also last noticeably longer than the normal Ni-Mhi ones. Did you measure the 8.4V?
  3. vf4 (2013) in very good condition. Ash body with open pores brown burst satin finish, maple neck, maple fingerboard. 9,47 lbs / 4,3kg options : black hardware, Hipshot A bridge, vol blend wiring, pearl block inlay F pickups, not Aguilar. F are best, low middle, more growl. Bass in France More picks by mail. https://www.zikinf.com/_gfx/annonces/dyn/fbass-vf4-2703894.jpg?1566219109 https://www.zikinf.com/_gfx/annonces/dyn/fbass-vf4-2703900.jpg?1566219109 https://www.zikinf.com/_gfx/annonces/dyn/fbass-vf4-2703886.jpg?1566219109
  4. Delano (Germany) might make you a set with radius magnets.
  5. I've had half a dozen 9v rechargeables on the go for several years and haven't had a failure yet. They're all decent brands, i.e. made in Japan and not China.
  6. That’s interesting, though the post mentions two pickups, Kent Armstrong Hot Vintage and Dimarzio Area P -which one is the one you tried?
  7. Ah, I was hoping for a reply of “Get your trousers on son, you’re nicked”. in all seriousness it does look a plan though, I went there a few years back and managed to spend some good time checking all sorts of goodies out.
  8. JohnDaBass

    Zoom B1four

    +1 @Al Krow CLEAN patch has been my starting point ever since he published it. His experience really helps many of us ! Thanks Al Krow.
  9. Absolutely love it mate. Would love a Jazz in that finish 😍
  10. No, the preamp gives a huge range of tones. Also, its made of alder, so you get some umph even when its chambered.
  11. Just been sent a mobile phone video from Saturday. Apologies for the quality, but at least @Chiliwailer gets to see his old Modulus getting a work out 😀.
  12. Had it a few times, and my reaction varies depending on the circumstances. Most of the time the bass is going through the PA so I don't lose any sleep - I won't have been in control of how loud the bass is, and if the soundman thinks it's just fine then that's OK with me. And if anyone disagrees then I'll point them towards the mixing desk. I did a couple of gigs with an old band where everybody thought the bass levels were fine at the soundcheck, no complaints during or immediately after the gig, then on dissecting what could have gone better/had gone wrong afterwards (what had gone wrong always being the lead guitarist making mistakes and then doing his best to blame everybody else) the lead guitarist picked on the level of the bass, always reporting back what people in the crowd (usually his wife) had said to him afterwards. This being a guitarist who would routinely stand in front of the bass amp and complain that he couldn't hear his guitar properly. After one multi band gig where we went through the same amps as everybody else and the bass DI'd into the PA, when challenged about his wife's comments that the bass was too loud he backed down when it was pointed out that I had no control over the bass levels that the audience was hearing, and given that the bass was fine for all the other bands it seemed unlikely that my bass would have been any different. But he insisted that while it may not have been too loud after all, it had been too loud (as reported by his wife) at a previous gig so clearly it's a problem that I needed to address. By then the band was noticing a pattern of everybody else getting the blame when he'd done a poor gig. Last big gig I played there weren't enough monitors on stage so rather than share with the keyboard player I volunteered to use the backline as my monitor - the DI being taken before the signal hits the amp. I'd left the amp at the same settings as the gig the previous night, but that was on a much bigger stage. Mid gig I switch basses and it gets noticeably louder, so the singer politely requested that I turn down a bit. he had a point, and the singer is the one person who gets to complain about the on stage sound
  13. I measured the position of the spilt-coil on both once. Yes, they're in the same position.
  14. No problem, the other one I have is black rosewood. I'm not a maple board kind of guy!
  15. I see you threw your gloves down in disgust! 😁
  16. These are fantastic basses I have the same bass only in faded sonic blue with matching headstock it's one of the best Jazz basses I have ever played. I think Someone is going to be very happy when they play it.
  17. I currently play in a band that plays Dr Feelgood material, we don't go out as a tribute band, but we do nail the sound and our frontman is Lee to a tee! Unfortunately for us, although good for him , he has met a woman and is moving about 250 miles away, he has agreed to do a few gigs every now and then with us and is prepared to travel, for them. Because we will only gig around six times a year, I am putting a new band together with the drummer and a guitarist from one of my previous bands, we are all experienced musician's with a ton of songs we all know well and could be up and running almost immediately, but despite having ads on Join My Band and BandMix etc for a few months now, we are having no joy at all, so how do you guys go about finding a good frontman?
  18. Oooh, that is an early one. Well worth resurrecting
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  20. Al Krow

    Zoom B1four

    Sounds like you're busy gigging Pete, which is great! And I'm glad you and your audiences are getting some Satisfaction 😁
  21. Having a big clear out these were all in my now defunct home studio. 4 x 3m XLRM to jack 1 x 1m insert cable Jack 1 x 1m XLRF to XLRM 1 x 5m Stereo phone 1 x 3m 3.5mm jack to 2 x mono XLRM 1 x 1m Stereo phoni to phone interconnect Price includes UK Shipping
  22. Yes, but lessons considerably expanded the usable range of my voice. I hear 'it doesn't sound good' more often than 'my voice doesn't go there', lessons can help with that (and warming up can too! - I start a practice session by playing scales and speeding up as my fingers get into it, how many singers do that?) Ouch, found a real time pitch tester app....
  23. A good question... It's a 1110 Combo, only proven by it being lightly scratched into the panel at the back. It has a GP11 preamp on the front and an issue 2 AH150 power amp at the back (only two FETS but with a fan - later issue 4 AH150s had four fets and no fan, the AH250 had four fets and a fan). Probably one of the oldest ones, not sure if Issue 1 or Issue 3 ever made it into the wild?
  24. I used to put CS 62's in all my builds but decided to try these in my last build because the specs were the same. They sounded EXACTLY the same to my ears and at less than half the price of CS 62's, they are an absolute steal imo 😉
  25. For me it's the dread moment when trying out a bass in a shop or such. Mind goes blank as to what to play,doubly so if there's someone waiting to be impressed
  26. It’s not a vintage mate it’s a Custom Shop and Yeah relic is marmite but I love it so 🤷‍♂️
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