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  2. I can't see anything wrong with that. Free practice, drums already set up is a plus. No signs of either delusion or megalomania in the ad. Are you going for it?
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  4. I've been using heavy duty double-sided sticky tape to fix metal and plastic thumbrests to basses for a few years now. It's strong enough that it won't come off during use, but if you want to remove it you can, with some effort and patience, and leave no marks whatsoever. This is one of the metal ones
  5. Critique an ad. What would be the pros and cons for you. It sounds decent for a guy looking for work. 1.Six-piece Modern Rock/Modern Country/Pop cover band is looking for bassists. We're a dance/party band and play modern favorites that light up the dance floor. 2.We're open to adding new material so bring your set lists, let's see what we can do together! 3.We have connections to several booking agencies to keep us busy. Our agencies land us bookings in both Milwaukee and The Fox Valley areas. Our goal is to gig 2-3 times a month, we'd like to practice once a week at our drummer's home in Grafton (night is flexible, but usually during the week so as to not interfere with our weekends). 4.We have played some of the Wisconsin's most sought after venues including Summerfest and Lambeau Field. We are looking to get someone up to speed as soon as possible in order to continue rocking Wisconsin! Email us if you’rec interested - send us your video and/or audio. Blue
  6. Haha - you and me both mate! (Not helped by a few of these appearing in the FS over the past couple of months) Even went as far as to check out the Ken Smith gear porn thread Right, I'd best get back to my Japanese basses, quick...besides I'm sure I will sound the same whatever bass I'll play 😁
  7. Managed to pick one up off ebay, thanks for the shout though.
  8. Drill and grime are as close as we can get to a modern day version of punk. It’s made by angry kids, often from poor areas, with no musical training, and on a low budget. Old people hate it and ridicule it, and they don’t get it. Just like punk, it’s a generational thing. Rock music for the most part sounds tired and full of cheesy clichès, and it reminds most people of fat old guys in leather. Doesn’t mean it’s dead, but it’s definitely boring and lifeless compared to music that’s made by angry 19 year olds. Ultimately it really doesn’t matter, if you’re in a rock band and you have fans, don’t worry about it. I play jazz, which is the deadest genre ever, but it’s not dead to me, I like it. Whether it has social relevance is another argument, but if you’re a 58 year old guy in a classic rock pub band, social relevance is not going to be high on your list of priorities anyway. Enjoy playing the music you like and let the kids invent their own entertainment.
  9. Hi Is this still for sale cheers paul
  10. Hi all Has anyone heard of "the box speakers"? I have googled it and all there is, is a company based in Germany selling them called Thomman. There is no mention of "the Boxes" web site. They are quite cheap in price for the sound they produce so trying to work out if they are some domestic rubbish made somewhere in China that are masses produced and a different badge/ sticker is put on them for each customer. Or are they proper speaker for professionals using them to gig with every weekend Looked at them for sale on the Thomman web site and there is no mention of manufactures warranty and since the company is based in Germany it would seam to be very difficult to sort out if they went wrong somewhere later on
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  12. Well, this has been quite a project. A little over two years ago I bought my first Precision. I wanted a shoreline gold one, but since those only came in unaffordable price brackets, I bought a Mexican P with the foolish idea of refinishing it myself. Having had prior experience with utterly destroying a guitar’s resale value, the one good idea I had was deciding to build my own body (with help) and finish that instead. So far, it’s already had a pretty rough gigging life, but it’s my absolute favourite guitar ever. After swapping out pretty much everything else, I decided to purchase a lovely carbon-reinforced neck from a builder in the south of Holland. So, after an agonising period of waiting and having to miss my favourite bass - at long last - here’s the result. On the right is the old bass, and on the left is what resulted from changing pretty much everything about it to my personal preferences. It’s frighteningly resonant and it has ridiculous, Tufnel-esque sustain - even if it turned out a bit heavier than I imagined... Anyway, there are many P’s out there, but this one is mine. Now all I have to do is figure out what to do with the old one.
  13. Final bump before I withdraw from sale!
  14. That sounds like a P-bass or a Stingray then . Obviously you have to play before you buy as personal taste is key. or just go for the Sandberg VM and get a very good Ray-P hybrid. I love Sandbergs.
  15. I have to say I’m a bit sceptical of those comparison videos when all you hear is a single DI’ed signal. It all seems pretty similar until you feel it under your fingers in a live situation. That said, I recently bought a Tonerider TRP-1, and I must admit — I’m really impressed. It lacks the finer qualities of the Curtis Novak pickup that is in my favourite bass, but then that is a. really subjective, and b. about three times as expensive!
  16. I rather like the look of this. Which is odd as I'm not usually a pale fretboard kind of guy. Sorry to hear you're calling it a day, hope someone snaps this up for you soon.
  17. Ooft. Worcester sauce and mature cheddar on your Cobalts. That’ll get your tone nice and funky.
  18. Rather than look for a good sounding reverb I’d be looking for some with specific features, namely the ability to bypass certain frequency bands (so for example you can add some reverb to the high mids but bypass the bass end). That sounds great on bass.
  19. Nah! Don't forget to put cheese and a bit of Worcester sauce on!! (On toast not strings 😂) just about to watch The final episode of Gotham!!
  20. BreadBin

    Got wood?

    Oof, some stunners there chaps! Nice wood. 😁
  21. I’ve just eaten a whole bag of Minstrels and I still fancy some toast but surely it’s too late now
  22. I had one of these for a while. Can't fault it for the price.
  23. Lol!! I'm enjoying a bottle of Pino Grigio and eating pizza!! Perfect night 😂
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