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  2. My advice, beyond practice to an in pitch sound source such as a keyboard, is posture. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, gently stretch your back and ensure your shoulders are dropped. Arms, elbows, wrists and fingers should all be softly curved, no sharp angles.
  3. Outstanding work, Inspector Skinnyman. I'd not thought of the golf connection.
  4. is it possible that you've just done something to your wrist and need to give it a few weeks rest to recover?
  5. The other main one was Wendy Richards. We used to watch her from the tills in Selfridges while she peered over the top of her dark glasses to see who was looking. The best was Joan Collins. Selfridges was her local and she was in all the time. No shades, no make up, nowt. And no one gave her a second look. She used to come into the book department and talk to Brian who had been a child actor with her and then worked most of the fly's in the West End. One day she did a book signing and she came through the store on a chariot pulled by oiled Chippendale's while wearing a jewelled turban. Everyone knew She was in that day and it stopped traffic! She still spoke to Brian. IMHO Ms Collins really understood the game.
  6. It's really very simple. Eurovision is not about the music. Basically it's the epicentre of over-the-top, glitzy campness and we just haven't been building our entries to spec. Want to win Eurovision? Here's how: * The performer is more important than the song so choose someone with an intriguing back story, a willingness to wear heavily perforated bondage gear and the ability to weep like Niagara Falls without the aid of a freshly peeled onion * Come up with a dance routine that would scare your mum, possibly involving near-naked people juggling blazing chainsaws * Select 'basic EDM 4/4' on your drum software. Turn down the snare, turn up the kick. Switch off cymbals. * Choose two chords. Any two chords will do. * Write lyrics which detail the performer's urgent desire to 'be themselves' and not 'anyone else'. Ker-ching!
  7. I might be missing something here... but won't harmonics always be in tune?
  8. I just sold a load of old football kits my parents had had in their loft from when I was young. So I sell a 30 year old kit in Kids sizes.... Buyer: Hi mate, got the kit, the elastic has gone in the shorts, but I don't want to return it. Me: Ok, Im really sorry, they seemed fine when I checked them . Buyer: Leaves negative feedback. Buyer: can I return them as the elastic has gone... Me: yes of course If I had noticed his negative feedback I would have been less inclined to say yes mind
  9. think I saw that one, with a J in the bridge? Looked like a tidy bass. Nice price too
  10. I'm quietly terrified of the day the Wickershams call it a day at Alembic. I read an interview with Ron a few years ago that suggested it would be a real possibilty when retirement comes. Admittedly the likelihood of me having the means to order a custom Alembic is very low, but it would be very sad if Alembic shut up shop.
  11. The info about the list didn’t come from my memory, my brother in law still rows for the Union (he’s now Veteran, and old enough to know better!), and he told me about it fairly recently. Malcolm
  12. This is a very good question. I guess I’d always assumed that it was less of a concern on fretless given that it’s...well...fretless. Finger positioning can be adjusted slightly in a way that frets can’t. Ignoring the above, use harmonics.
  13. Hello! I'm 36, played regularly up north on the pub circuit for about 5 years, looking to join a similar band down here. Recently single, so plenty of time to commit! Based in Hackney. Interested in playing stuff like: ACDC, Queen, Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, Whitesnake, Zeppelin, Sabbath, Bowie, Fleetwood Mac etc... Got gear and guitars etc.. Give me a shout.
  14. I've got kit on EBay atm, I've had one amp that has two watchers & three lowball offers - thank goodness someone else just paid the asking price.................. 😎
  15. If you work out where the decent golf courses are and then find the nearest retailer you might have an insight into why a particular venue is chosen. Edit: just realised that the events being held at a golf club. I should read these threads before I post..... But it does kind of illustrate my point......
  16. Hi! Thank you and thank you for your answer. In my mind the booth heads are set flat and they run through the same cab. I’m just curious if someone has compared them because I’m thinking about maybe buying a BH head. /Bottesini
  17. Disappointing, isn't it? I hope that's not a euphemism.
  18. Pitchforks and flaming torches again? I'll get onto the Molotov cocktails in the morning....
  19. Simplify it by ignoring some of the knobs... Set the bass and treble at 12 o'clock - add or subtract to taste... Set the mid at either 10 o'clock (flat) or around 2 o'clock if you're playing something with two pickups or want a bit more mid bite. So a nice three band Eq... simpler Set all the paramentrics bang on the middle. But set the frequency for the left hand one at 30Hz. Then ignore it. You've now got a 3 band eq amp that's way simpler to use right... But if too boomy, just tweak down the 30Hz parametric to control the boom.
  20. not sure how many setup work or repair work they actually take on but i'd definitely recommend getting in touch with alpher
  21. The usual entertaining guff, mainly worth watching for the Cyprus singers costume. Mrs Shaggy always correctly picks the winner, I never can. I personally liked the Albanian entry best, but of the contenders and from a performance point of view thought it should have been Australia. Shame about Madge - she's easy to knock, but an artist I've a lot of respect for.
  22. prowla

    John Hall?

    Dunno if this is a one-off, or if there will be more.
  23. Has anyone noticed it's all going a bit slow these days? Loads of stuff on E bay,not much selling. Gone are the £10 starting prices right enough,everyone coming on with buy now,or best offers. Not much in the way of bargains. In saying that,I tried in vain to sell my Tokai Hardpuncher bass recently. Bought it for £400 about 5 years ago,not interest at £450 I was asking. Dropped to £399,but nothing so far. I guess that's what they call a keeper now...
  24. A really, truly beautiful J, fortunately/unfortunately there is a sea between us 🙂
  25. Oh they're definitely past their best. Send them to me and I'll take care of it for you.
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