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  2. Just bought a fretless. As I was en-route to a gig it came with me. He'd a playful noodle in the sound check. Sounded gorgeous so I went for it. Half time break and only a couple of dodgy moments and only a handful of gratuitous sliding into the final note. I'm loving this
  3. shurely shome mishtake, for it is a female operative.
  4. And watching/listening to George Michael singing for Queen, well they should have just handed him a blank cheque and told him the job was his if he wanted it.
  5. As there appears to be a Welsh slant to this thread, can I just chip in that a Ginsters is merely a step on the road to enlightenment, and true Nirvana is to be found at Carmarthen indoor market, where they do a steak & ale pie that is more like a steak en croute than a pie, it's so chock full of tender steak. Lidl's? Pah........ Note to younger BC-er's - never tell your school careers advisor that you want to be professional hit-man. Got me into all kinds of shite.
  6. Is this one string (B would be my suspect) or all of them?
  7. I would, but sadly he's already paying me eight grand a week as a "security consultant", so I feel there would be a conflict of interests...
  8. Thanks for reply. I would not worry about intonation errors of a few cents, different finger pressure, hand position, vibrato and temperature will also come into play in a gig. Just to add to the fun, in one musical genre I played in, tuning slightly sharp improved the overall band mix. I have no idea why this should be.
  9. My main bass is my affinity p bass. modded the pups but I love it. light and easy to play.
  10. Sorry, I'm a Richard. The wavering info i gave was incorrect. It wavers between 438 & 442 Hz, which translates to roughly 10 cents either side of 0.
  11. Love watching this as I was there and our banner was showed a couple of times throughout the footage. I remember needing a fosters 😂
  12. Couldn't agree more, RIP Freddie 💗
  13. This is definitely true, but there are still many artists - especially grime artists - getting relatively rich through music. The difference is they're not doing it solely through the established route of gigs and record sales, they're getting paid through social media, licensing, guest appearances and cameos etc. They're having to work harder and have a more consistent output for less cash than the old bands, which also explains why the music - especially grime - is made and recorded using the most basic equipment, usually by 2 people rather than a whole band in an expensive studio full of engineers followed by pressing plants / managers etc - and released for no cost in next to no time, but still attracting an audience of millions in a matter of days. Basically to make money in the current environment, you have to have minimum personnel, simple equipment that gives you instant results, zero production cost, zero manufacturing costs and endless confidence, energy and enthusiasm. Genres like grime fit into that format perfectly.
  14. I watched a bit earlier. Robert Plant's lacklustre performance reminded me how good Freddie was...
  15. Its the only way they'll learn!
  16. Wow, harsh. Can you not just keep the receipt?
  17. Hi there, Thanks for your reply, I only fret as hard as I would if I was actually playing, but it's interesting to learn how such a small variation in pressure can still make a difference. I'll have to try the 3/5/7 balancing act, I think, thanks for the suggestion. As for the wavering, it's about 1 cent either side of '0'. The initial attack obviously shows 'sharp', but as the note 'settles', this is when the wavering shows, and remains as the note decays. (Almost like using harmonics as a tuner on frets 5 & 7 on adjacent strings, before achieving spot-on tuning.) Deep breath, & back to it... 😀 In the meantime, sir, thanks very much for your advice, definite food for thought, and very much appreciated!
  18. If you are available for contract work of the sort above, our neighbour has, unasked for, kindly entered our garden and severely levelled the hedge two days ago. I am open to the neighbour being used in the first option above or subjected to the latter. It is not far from Monmouth to Mid Wales, so will be the work of a few hours.
  19. As above, the AIDS benefit gig from 1992 on Pick TV at the moment , many different guest vocalists singing Queens best but as well as all that a great chance to listen to John Deacons effortless and sublime bass playing.
  20. Not any more, bad experience with plastic packaging within the area normally occupied by gravy
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