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  2. Different control layout. Very Gretschy
  3. So, the deal is done, the bass came perfectly packed to me, very good conversation, thank you very much, a perfect deal!
  4. I don't know about Exit, but Show of Hands has the bass completely redubbed iirc. Interestingly what he overdubs is actually some of the best stuff he's ever played, but then I'm a huge fan of the Wal tone. The later live album, during the 'dark years', is pretty good. You get a lot of content, and a lot of alex goofing off.
  5. Does it have the edges of the neck rolled? I don't know if Mark does this as default, and if you didn't ask then it won't feel vintage/worn-in. Rolled edges really make necks feel and play so nice. 👍
  6. Well, I like the premise of that. I shall peruse it at my leisure- just so I don't die, of course!
  7. If it looked like this, and had the F-holes, I'd be all over it like a tramp on chips!!
  8. bobpalt


    I checked and couldn’t find any feedback for Paul, but what a super guy to do business with. No haggling, immediate payment and as pleasant as possible with a lovely wife as well! Hope to come across Paul again in the future, Cheers, Bob
  9. And that is at the root of the problem. There is no ‘proper’ way of measuring them.
  10. Yes, and I like a lot but as I said above, I'm tempted by the five strings I don't want to have 2 basses around (for now) so I need to choose. I've found a good deal on a satin black 735a (670€ new, when the standard price are usually around 750€), so here I am
  11. Bit of a mish mash... http://www.stubmandrel.co.uk/
  12. baldwinbass


    Hi James, welcome.
  13. I’d get a white gloss finish. Very forgiving, and I’m not just saying that because I have one for sale!
  14. Cheap way to fix the pickups... get a cylinder or even a small bulldog clip to support the pickup and tap the pole pieces down 3mm. I made a special punch with a 3mm spigot on the end to move then the exact distance. Ensuring you have the tight polarity, drop a 5mm diameter by 3mm thick neodymium magnet onto each pole piece.
  15. Oh, yeh, I remember that one, now that you mention it. I'd love the dark, two-tone sunburst job, but I wouldn't spunk the prices they go for on Dearverb. The one I've linked to needs a bit of TLC. But that G string is niggling me so I'm going to give it a by.
  16. Thanks for the reply I'm "sick" about cleaning things, especially reflective surfaces (I pass a cloth over the phone every time I use it, I know it's very worrying) so seeing even the fingerprints makes me nervous. I am also doubtful about the passage from 4 to 5 strings; I'd really like to have the fifth string, especially because I'm just starting out and therefore relatively fresh in everything concerning the bass, but I'm afraid that it's even more difficult as a self-taught person (all books and videos are related to the 4 strings)
  17. Mucking about on Stomp defo sounds like a good idea! Although given it's all being simulated not sure how good a reflection of what be would happenning with actual dedicated pedals? So still keen to hear about folk's actual parallel set ups / use of loops on their own boards, (particularly as I won't be ditching all my pedals for the Stomp, unless it's able to match what they can do).
  18. Thanks Ed, hopefully it will stand the test with my (loud) band! That's an interesting idea with the handles, did you have to rout the sides out to fit them? I think it seems a fairly easy lift with the top handle, but we'll see when I've done a few load ins/outs! Can't wait to try it out!
  19. Last night was my first gig in about a month, and owing to scheduling conflicts we hadn't had a rehearsal in the meantime. I think we were all expecting it to be a little bit ropey in places, and it certainly was. But we didn't let it bother us, and I think we turned out a pretty decent gig regardless. Maybe not our finest ever, but we had plenty of people dancing, and that's one of my main benchmarks. Next gig on 14th September, but we're hoping to fit in one or two rehearsals before then. We've got some new songs that we've been planning to introduce to the set, and we would have done them last night but for the whole rehearsal issue. S.P.
  20. To add some info, matte finishes tend to wear in a way which slowly turns them glossy over time. This can actually end up looking pretty nice IMO with the edges and contours of the body developing a nice sheen while the flat surfaces retain more or their original matte look. Personally I really like the effect but I’m sure it isn’t for everyone.
  21. A satin finish will always be prone to more visible wear than a gloss finish. But on a practicality level, if gloss finishes are uncomfortable for you when playing then the decision is surely a no-brainer? Go for the satin black BB735a.
  22. Odd question: I tend to sweat a lot so that with glossy bodies the forearm attaches to the body; a satin body could be better in this sense? Which ones do you prefer? Pros & Cons I'm temped to take the satin black bb735a, but I'm also concern about its "longevity" vs a glossy finish Thanks
  23. I think it’s the lots of technical reasons that people don’t know enough about (myself included). Eg Gain and volume
  24. And that is at the root of the problem. There is no ‘proper’ way of measuring them.
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