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  2. The guy from Little Dragon uses something similar live - not sure which brand of bass it is. You'll see him use it from about 9:30 on this video but if you don't know who Little Dragon are (you're welcome) just enjoy the whole thing.
  3. Plus, didn't this question come up when they invented synths? and we're still here...
  4. I think @Quatschmacher has been eyeing up a midi bass for a while for that very reason! Me - I'll hopefully be content with the usability of the Boss SY-1 when it lands in the next month, likely not going to be as good as the FI or C4 but will be good enough for me.
  5. sad for us that he has already surpassed all of our combined centuries of effort lol
  6. Just purchased a Yamaha Attitude Standard from Andy. As expected it was a very smooth transaction with great comms from him all the way. The bass was superbly packaged and arrived safely. Many thanks, Andy.
  7. thank you SO much for sharing this. My bandmates and I are huge Beatles fans. I've lost count how many guitarers claimed to have discovered this chord and it always sounds nothing like it lol. Imagine all that effort....for an opening chord ! That is their and George Martin's genius. I do believe GM is as big a part of their success as the band was.
  8. https://www.thedailymash.co.uk/news/arts-entertainment/u2-still-refusing-to-take-the-hint-201109224336
  9. Well, I've emailed Fane twice and so far had nothing back. However, the always helpful wonderful guys at Blue Aran in Southampton (where I purchased said speaker) came back with this - The driver wont reach its 'optimum' characteristics untils its been run in a little, fresh from factory, the moving parts are a little stiff, and they loosen up with use which gives a little more warmth at the bass end. "This will happen naturally with use, so you dont really need to 'run it in' before using it. However, we recommend on the first use, best not to run the unit at full power, try to keep it at a max of 75-80% so that you arent straining the driver too much. Very, very occasionally, pushing a brand new driver too hard can cause unexpected problems if the suspension is particularly stiff." I hope this will be of benefit to anyone who has new speakers and wondered.
  10. Adds nothing to what is already available really, a pedal made by the marketing department.
  11. Is it a requirement that you have to wear a tartan skirt to play this gig ?
  12. As above everything works mighty fine bu duet to my knackered shoulder she's got to go never ever gigged has I know it's history and and only used by myself at low volumes at one or two rehearsals I once cranked it up but it was like being in a earthquake collection or possible meet up within a 20 mile radius only I'm afraid due to it weighing more than a planet this is proper old school combo with that awesome trace sound sorry about the rubbish pics and Thanks for looking
  13. There was a guy who lived near where I used to live and he had a Peavey midi bass, each fret was split so that he was getting the midi signals that was then fed into whatever actual synth he wanted. It was awesome.
  14. Fair point! Bass pedals are catching up but not there yet. I think it depends on how synth heavy your set is. If it's only for 2 or 3 songs then, for me, I wouldn't want the hassle of another instrument to set up at gigs and get proficient on - as my love is bass guitar. But I'm sure there will be others who take a different, and equally valid for them, line.
  15. they were great when no one knew who they were, they were "our secret". We covered a few of their early songs. Only one or two albums after Green appealed to me. As for U2, should have split up after that aweful live version of Party Girl was released. Any band that didn't care if their crappy guitarist's crappy solo was released as their first EP was not deserving of success..............
  16. ped

    NCD: Blackstar U500

    Just noticed there's a gain clip LED too which I didn't notice which is good.
  17. This is a genuine question... at what point in your synth tone quest do you actually erm you know put the bass down and pick up a synth? Well not pick it up, it would be better on a stand beside you. Unless it's a keytar.
  18. This has just blown my mind. The thinking behind this is just amazing.
  19. ped

    NCD: Blackstar U500

    Interestingly in the manual it says KT88 whereas it says 6550 on the amp!
  20. Hi guys, Under A Banner are looking for a bassist. You can find them on Twitter, Bookface and their website. Please try and commit yourself. They are an epic group and I know they are destined for great things. Don't waste this opportunity. Regards Black Guitar
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  22. Thanks for your kind comments I have been working on 6 basses over the past few months I should be able to post one a week as I finish them.
  23. Just sold a swan flightcase to Dunc, very easy to deal with and great communication. Was also very understanding when I had a bit of a delay in posting! Would happily deal with again. Cheers!
  24. Mike bought my USA Lakland bass and was an absolute gentleman to deal with from start to finish. Polite, friendly and helpful with prompt payment and good communications throughout. An absolute pleasure to do business with. Thoroughly recommended.
  25. Thanks, folks And so to the bit of a build I enjoy the most. The neck carve This is my neck carve kit: ...and of the above, the humble card scraper is the one I use the most. I had previously taken some profile measurements of Matt's favourite guitar and transferred those onto a plasticard template for the 1st, 7th and 10th frets. I had also taken neck depth measurements and had thicknessed the neck to those dimensions. I scribbled a pencil line down the spine of the neck to make sure I didn't cut into that depth at all. For shaping necks I prefer to hold the guitar or bass a bit like a back-to-front cello and draw the cutting tools up from the heel towards the nut. First to use was the spokeshave (strictly a two handed job but I was holding the cameral here) I use the templates to guide how close I'm getting : Once I've taken the corners off, I quite quickly move to the card scraper (again, two-handed): Getting there... And quite quickly it's at the sanding to final fit stage:
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