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  2. You’ll make me blush 😂 Many thanks Karl 👍
  3. I think I like it passive tbh. Just with more top end. I’m looking at just changing the pups . I’ve my eyes on bare knuckles
  4. I had a Legacy estate in Finland, great car, started at -42 degrees one Christmas. Kept it until it fell apart, then replaced it with an Impreza sportswagon that lasted me 7 years until I sold it when I moved back to the UK. If I wasn't tied into service agreements and other stuff for my Mitsubishi, I'd be after this one.
  5. @mikeycrikey think that’s my old 1024, lovely bass. I want your 424x
  6. Ah, mojo - ten years worth of dead skin, bogies, grease and general gunge.
  7. Is it possible that the battery lived in the control panel rather than having its own compartment ? Is there's room for a battery , if so, maybe that's where it lived. Unless of course it was never active in the first place ?
  8. I'm just about to order another set of strings for my Mayones Caledonius (advertised on BC which I'm going to keep now) but re stringing from B-G to E-C. The hope is that the high C will make things a bit more manageable .
  9. That’s another option but it’s doesn’t have a battery slot ...I dunno the history of this bass at all . I might just ask Mayones...I was thinking about a John East preamp 🤔
  10. Might consider but I'd need to make sure i get the right packaging and courier. Where are you based?
  11. Right, I'm not sure about this, but listing at the mo to guage interest. Mini footer MF delay. Been on my board for the last 2 years, live and studio. Moved on to tape delay for the time and this has been sitting around. I'm asking a fair bit, but they don't really come up, and it reflects my probable reluctance. Includes postage - tracked and insured. Might not leave it up for long tbh. There's a couple of small marks which you can see in the pics. Velcro on the bottom. Anyway spec and pics below. Thanks The MF Delay is a 100% analog delay providing 35mS-700mS of rich, blooming analog repeats. At shorter settings, the MF Delay is fast and articulate. This is perfect for creating classic slap-back sounds with expressive swells, and even plate-verbs. At medium and long settings, the repeats become darker, naturally trailing into a beautiful warmth and character not found in any other delay pedal. Connect an expression pedal and dynamically control feedback swells, or switch to delay time to create chorus/flange and tape delay effects. The MF Delay was designed with over 300 carefully selected components including 4 Bucket Brigade Delay chips, a discrete JFET input stage, and a vintage compander circuit for superior tone and feel. CONTROLS TIME-Adjustable from 35mS - 700mS. At shorter settings, delay repeats are brighter and more articulate - perfect for slap-back and plate-style reverb/delay. As you increase the Time, the delay trails become warmer causing sounds to move and decay naturally under each new note or chord. FEEDBACK-Adjustable from a single repeat with no decay, to extended trails that dissipate into a reverb-like state. When pushed past 2 o’clock feedback trails swell into infinity. This is an excellent creative tool for making sonic beds and trails where notes decay into a wash of musical noise. Pushed to maximum, the MF Delay will self oscillate. MIX-Allows you to determine the blend between dry and effected signals. At minimum, delay trails are nearly inaudible. This is useful for ghost delays and creating natural room-verb sounds. At maximum, your dry signal is removed completely, which allows the MF Delay to work perfectly in an amplifier effects loop. DRIVE- A pre-delay circuit that provides greater than 22dB of gain to both input and delayed signal. At low ranges it is excellent for creating subtle boost and mild tonal coloration. At middle position the sound becomes more mid-forward and punchy. At itsmaximum position, you have an incredibly natural boost/overdrive in your delay pedal that is great by itself or paired with an MF Drive. EXPRESSION PEDAL INPUT: When assigned to Time, this input allows you to create everything from chorus/flange effects and tape delay to monstrous pitch shifting. When assigned to Feedback, this input allows you to swell in and out of infinite feedback loops and subtle delay trails. True Bypass 700ms of Bucket Brigade based analog delay 22dB of classic drive for boost and color Feedback range from zero to infinite Expression pedal input provides control of Time or Feedback Mix control allows dry signal to be completely eliminated Over 300 carefully selected components Vintage compander circuit. Designed to perform with any Guitar, Amp, or Bass guitar configuration
  12. For those with extended experience of the BB425 and BB735 - are the neck profiles the same? And which of the two do you find comfier to play? Obviously the old pickups have a certain something that some feel hasn't transferred to the new set up but from a comfort and feel, which do you prefer?
  13. Sounds like you could easily convert it back to active rather than replace the pickups.
  14. "........ as far as I know" Always rings alarm bells.
  15. Super bass. Super bloke. Better photographer than me as well 😂 Somebody is going to get a great bass, all the best Dan.
  16. Looks functional. You might benefit from Mixpot, because it includes level adjustments for both channels. Not overly expensive, but you have to be careful with soldering. The PCBA is a bit crowded.
  17. From my POV, I’d have almost any of the BBs other than the new ones, which I think look awful. Sonetimes the most obvious answer can be the right one...
  18. I'm self taught, so half of the fun for me is discovering the best technique and choices to enable a fluent performance. I'm not convinced all of my choices are the best so am constantly revisiting to see if other choices enable a better performance. Does that make sense?
  19. Ooft. Always fancied one for myself after trying one out at a festival ..... Just spent all my cash on a bassblock...Great price!! GLWTS!
  20. Your intrigued? I`m astonished as I owned the sold 1024 twice and it took me a while to sell it both times! (Well 99% sure it`s my old one) Just a case of the right bass at the right time and the right price for someone. But the 734 is all that the 1024 was and so much more. imo of course.
  21. Hi there i currently have a 2008 Mayones Jabba 4 with modded circuitry. At one stage I think it was an active bass and was converted to passive, it sounds great but a little ‘dark’ (ie not much top end “zing”. I wonder should I replace the Delano pickups . I’m guessing these were designed with an onboard preamp in mind .. the capacitor is “normal” as far as I can tell .
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