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  2. Black Friday Deals

    No one needs to feel bad about today’s purchases; I’ve just spent £450 on a pedal I’ve never played! (In fairness I’ve played its sibling pedal of which this is a small variation so I mostly know how it sounds and plays.) Picked up an Avant Garde. @CameronJ, @tonyxtiger
  3. If you could only choose one filter pedal

    I’ve done it. I’ve bought an Avant Garde!
  4. Yesterday
  5. I thought the neck and inner body slotted into the outer body in some way and could be removed and put into a different body. The page about the guitars on the otherwise rather odd RKS website
  6. Hi, yes I had used it for a long time in h-s-h configuration with dimarzio evolutions either side. Balanced very well. there’s two wiring options available - humcancelling via having the two coils in series, or you can have just the top coil for a slightly brighter tone and tad less output (but with the hum).
  7. one for the metallists

    I rather like it. Not enough strings or inches though.

    Hello Basschat! Anyone else have Mad Love for MIJ Yamaha basses? MIJ 1983 Yamaha BB3000 MIJ 1986 Yamaha BB3000a MIJ 2011 Yamaha BBNE2 They have a vibe all their own - Much Love for these spectacular basses! If you have an 80's MIJ BB5000 to sell, I'm all ears : ) RBJ
  9. My eyes, my eyes! (Gibson crime).

    I may well steal adopt this idea
  10. My eyes, my eyes! (Gibson crime).

  11. These are great. And yes lovely playing!
  12. I downloaded an app like this a couple of years ago. It was easy enough to get a tune out of it but it sounded nothing like slap bass. There's an instict to putting in ghost notes and percussive slaps on a bass that just didn't translate to programming them in the right place on the app, not for me anyway. Without them it just doesn't sound like slap.
  13. My eyes, my eyes! (Gibson crime).

    I have a number of bass cases and gig bags around the house which have become part of the furniture. Some may have basses in, some may not... it's called 'hiding in plain view'...
  14. Bass Slapper...more like work of the devil!

    Don't really see the problem to be honest. It's just a sample library, no?
  15. My eyes, my eyes! (Gibson crime).

    So any advice on how to sneak that one past the missus?
  16. Bongo 4H

    I’ve got the 5h bongo, an SR5 fretless and the 20th anni 5h. The bongo is more aggressive and forward in tone, whilst still sounding like a stingray, it’s a beast live but isn’t as comfortable to play, the G string is a bit close to the edge of the frets and takes a bit of getting used to. Don’t know the 4 string versions, so I can’t comment there with any authority but I’d guess the character is similar. love mine for live, but the 20th Anni has taken over in the studio.
  17. My eyes, my eyes! (Gibson crime).

    That, I like! Edit: And its only £329! Oh dear...
  18. My eyes, my eyes! (Gibson crime).

    Not long now, then! Just think of it as a Christmas present to yourself...
  19. MEC Pick ups for a jazz bass.

    The answer is, if your jazz bass has passive pups' (which it probably does), then yes, you can use the Dynamic Correction MEC pups and connect it to the pre in your jazz bass FWIW, most active basses use a passive pup paired with a preamp....yours is probably this way to MEC (Gold Colored) pups are active and are paired with a preamp that is designed for use with active pick ups only
  20. My eyes, my eyes! (Gibson crime).

    I prefer the version that Epiphone are doing at the moment:
  21. What makes a good drummer?

    I once auditioned for a band where the drummer had a shiny new huge elaborate kit and a shiny new huge electric fan pointed at him. He couldn't play either but he sweated buckets.
  22. Exactly what I was going to ask!
  23. Just accidentally bought a new bass...

    Just accidentally bought a new bass... oh, don’t you just hate it when that happens.....
  24. My eyes, my eyes! (Gibson crime).

    Initially I was quite scathing about the latest "EB" bass (come on Gibson, would it kill you to come up with a new name?) but they're bringing out a stealthy black finish for it and I really like it. Might even get one. I miss how my gold EB (2014) sounded and so this one with the same pickups, electronics and basic construction should sound similar. The 2013-14 EB which eye-abraded the OP is not the prettiest bass I've ever seen, but it is also far from the worst. But that's just my opinion.
  25. Billy Sheehan.

    Jealous Moi? .....damn right!!! One of the reasons I play bass!
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