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...annnd we're back!!

This announcement is no longer active


Hi guys, we did a big update today - we think it's OK to put the site live now, but please report any weird bugs you can see in this thread and we'll troubleshoot as we go. I don't think there will be anything functional that goes wrong, but maybe some issues with the theme/colours etc we might have missed.

Bear in mind that you might need to refresh your cache to see all the changes but it should all be pretty good - the update went well without any problems.

One thing you'll notice is that anyone with a £20 sub will get a custom 'Supporting Member' title, which is a function built into the new marketplatz which we are using in combination with our custom add-ons like the location and price field. The plan is actually to go ad-free if we get more supporters (even an extra 20 a month would make a difference) so we'll see.

In the meantime, welcome back. You look great! Have you been working out? You're making me feel bad! 

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