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Selling Tips!

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Here are some tips to help you sell your instrument on Basschat. You can enhance your advert and chances of selling by adding a few details to your post, which in our highly specialised community will go a long way to attract buyers. When sharing your item on Social Media, a link to a Basschat advert also shows you're a serious seller rather than a feckless Facebook obsessed teen. The tips below relate mainly to selling a bass, but they are also generally applicable when listing effects or amplifiers - so lets get into it:


- Let's start with the title. Make sure you use the full name of the instrument, including model number. A price can also be entered here if you like. Remember this field will be searchable so detail helps. A good example would be 'Fender Precision bass, 1972, sunburst £1500' rather than 'Fender P bass, vintage'


- When listing an item there's a box where you can add 'tags' to your post which will appear under the title on the forum index. These are ideal for adding specific information such as number of strings, brand, trades... think of them as stickers in a shop that say things like 'brand new' or 'vintage'. If you're of a certain generation you could liken them to hashtags you use when tweeting about Love Island. Keep them short, single words. For the bass above, I'd use the tags 'Fender' 'Precision' 'Maple' 'Vintage' 'Trades' 'London' 'Collect' '4 string'.


- Weight. Most of us here are old and frail from so many hours standing on stage waiting for the drummer to set up. One of the most common questions is 'how much does it weigh'. Some like to hang the bass from a luggage hook or even just use the kitchen scales. Bathroom scales can be used (weigh yourself with the bass if your scales can handle that, then just yourself and subtract). I'd recommend trying two methods because some are more accurate than others. At least a ball park figure is worth having.


- Price - is your price negotiable? Are you interested in trades? If so, what for? Be specific. One thing to note, once the price has been entered and the advert submitted, you can only drop the price by changing the title or mentioning it in the post itself.


- Delivery is important and normally something to be negotiated by PM, but a few notes - first of all, we'd always recommend you ship your item with full insurance cover. If a buyer asks you to post more cheaply, don't. Always use a hard case, even if you have to buy one - and pack that in a box such as a bicycle box from your local shop. Meeting up is normally the best bet, so some flexibility to meet within a certain radius is helpful. Most Basschatters have done deals in motorway service areas up and down the country. Just make sure the meeting area isn't set up for an ambush and check the escape routes in case the whole meet turns into a shootout.


- Pictures are key. Every angle. Back and front. Try and use a neutral background and use natural light. Highlight any defects/dings and be honest about condition, including the function of the electronics. Test it thoroughly or why not ask if there's a local Basschatter who can help you give it the once over, as we recommend testing the truss rod, pickups and condition of the neck.


- Payment is up to you, so use whatever you're comfortable with - however we generally recommend using PayPal and not using the 'gift' option. Remember, Basschat cannot take any responsibility for deals done on the site however we have occasionally helped resolve issues between members - this happens so infrequently that I can barely remember the last time I had to message someone.


- Sharing your item far and wide. Use the 'share on Facebook/twitter etc' buttons at the bottom of your post. Or just grab the link. If listing your item elsewhere, showing that it's listed here is a great way to show you're a trustworthy seller and makes your listing stand out. Links may be deleted by eBay but just a casual mention helps, and spreads the word about the site, too.


- Sold your item? Simply add 'sold' to the title and we'll do the rest - and make sure you leave and receive feedback once the deal is done. You'll soon build up a good profile which you can share with prospective buyers from Basschat or anywhere else.

We hope you enjoy the site and if you have any further questions just get in touch with us.

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