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List of acceptable items in this forum


Other Musically Related Items - CAN BE POSTED
PA Systems (Microphones, Speakers, Monitors, Headphones, Mixing Desks)
Other musical instruments (inc - Guitar Amps/Effects Pedals)
Recording interfaces.
Cables (Instrument or power)
Bass/Guitar/Amp hardware (component parts, straps, stands and stools etc)
Instructional DVDs and general music CDs
Gig Tickets (Music only - no comedians here please!)

Not deemed appropriate as 'Other Musically Related Items - CANNOT BE POSTED
Non Bass performance DVD's (Bass Day 1998 is ok, Avatar is not).
MP3 Players & Hi Fi components
Laptops/PC's (even if their current sole use is for recording)
Computer Software (e.g. Reason) irrelevant of license status.
Other electronics (e.g. cameras, games consoles, TVs)
General Household goods and appliances
Buildings or property
(This list is not exclusive)

As ever, if you have any questions then just ask. 


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