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Basschat Podcast: Episode 1

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Hi Basschatters,

The Basschat Podcast Team have been working hard since the original Pilot Episode and today they are able to present to you the first official episode of the BC podcast. In this episode, @Akio Dāku speaks to @Sibob about the nature of bass playing, how it fits in with the reality of having a job and family and about how to approach playing different genres of music and keeping an open mind.

I think you'll agree the chaps have done an excellent job, working with some suggestions and feedback from the pilot episode. Please visit the dedicated EPISODE ONE FEEDBACK THREAD where the team will be very happy to hear what you think.

Please have a listen and support the team, and watch it go from strength to strength.

Many thanks to the podcast team @Akio Dāku @SpondonBassed @Sibob 

The podcast can be found in all the usual places like Spotify, Stitcher and (later today) iTunes. Or, you can check it out here

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